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Pullbox Previews Mr Guy, Zombie Hunter- A lampooning piece of zombie mayhem, now on Kickstarter from Oneshi Press

May 21, 2024 (Missoula, MT) — It’s the beginning of the end for Oneshi Press’s half-goblin half-pint hero, Mr. Guy! Today marks the launch of the epic finale of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter, a zom-com trilogy of ridiculous proportions. This three-issue graphic novel will finally meet its end on Kickstarter, where it’s live from May […]

Pullbox Previews Immortal Coil #1- Norse myth meets eldritch horror… A second Ragnarok is coming soon to Kickstarter

Immortal Coil is where Norse saga meets Eldritch horror, a mythological horror noir comic written and illustrated by Gerald Von Stoddard, Colored by Guilherme Lindemberg, and lettered by Rob Jones, opening with the premise… What if Ragnarok was a hoax? The story reimagines the cast of Gods of Norse mythology in a modern world. A […]

Pullbox Previews Fractal Cascade- An imaginative multimedium graphic novel, coming soon to Kickstarter

In a world where AI prompts are increasingly used in an attempt to replace traditional hard work and artistic talent, we at thePullbox are more than happy to present this preview of an upcoming piece of work. Fractal Cascade is an imaginative & ridiculously detailed multimedium graphic novel, coming soon to Kickstarter. After looking at […]

Pullbox Previews Anticucho & Other Peruvian Cyberpunk Stories

Discover a world where robotics and biotechnology are accessible to many and where corrupt governments and criminal organizations constantly struggle over power. Welcome to the World of Peruvian Cyberpunk! ANTICUCHO & other Peruvian Cyberpunk Stories is a book about Pirañas, Vultures, Robots, food, and Mafias. ANTICUCHO is a 88 page full colour SOFTCOVER Graphic Novel Anthology, […]

Pullbox Previews The Collected Letters of Courier Z- A sci fi anthology, coming soon to Kickstarter

Courier Z lives in her ship, pushes post all day long, slaves away under a system that shows no mercy — and it’s never enough. No wonder she’s started taking off-the-books jobs from less than savoury private customers. A girl has to eat! And laws keep you poor! She’s even reprogrammed her cute on-shop computer […]

Pullbox Previews Miskatonic High, Volume 3: The Lost Souls- The HP Lovecraft/John Hughes mashup we’ve always needed continues!

Welcome to Miskatonic High, the comic series about the monsters who reside in a small New England town and the teenagers who ride the bus with them. Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and skewered with our sarcastic sense of humor, this is a series unlike anything you’ve read. But don’t worry, you don’t […]

Pullbox Previews The Road to Oz #1, the World of Oz for a new generation of readers, now on Kickstarter

Knowledge left behind by the Wizard of Oz is being used to eliminate Dorothy in Kansas. Can the Scarecrow, the new mayor of Emerald City, be able to save his friend..and the World of Oz? A group of rogue winged monkeys, betrayed and abandoned by the Wizard of Oz, utilize technology that will enable them to travel to Kansas. To eliminate both the Wizard […]

Pullbox Previews The Memory Machine, exploring the downfalls of spending too much time in the past

A depressed man named Jacob tests a new device that allows you to relive – and modify – your memories. He becomes addicted to its power, and takes drastic action to ensure he can afford to keep visiting his past. However, his desire to make changes to his real-world life lead him into a dangerous […]

Pullbox Previews Orphans of the Impact Winter, an imaginative deep dive into a boy & his dog surviving the unsurvivable

Orphans of the Impact Winter (thePullbox reviewed the first preview issue back in October of 2022) is a comic that tells the tale of an imaginative young boy named Chuck and his loyal dog Addie as they struggle to survive in a world where the moon is falling out of the sky. Coping by pretending […] is a part of ThePullbox LLC © 2007-2024