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Kickstarter Spotlight on Bodhisattva,a psychedelic thriller from Omaha Perez

“…one of the comic book forms most unique and memorable epics, produced by one of our most unique and memorable talents.”– J.M. DeMatteis, from his Foreword 3500 years ago, Hindu gods transform a group of young monks and leave them to shepherd mankind on its journey. But even gods have human liabilities, and Kali, goddess […]

Kickstarter Spotlight on ILLÜMON: Seven Rays of the Sun, book 1

ILLÜMON: Seven Rays of the Sun – Book One To rescue seven fabled monsters, a brash young monster catcher braves a dying world to confront their captor: her very own sister. In a bright, curious world brimming with light-born monsters called Illümon, Kanno Vaash is hailed as Hyllorah’s finest monster-catcher. Or, she would be, if the world hadn’t began to wither when […]

Pullbox Reviews Fa Sheng: Origins #1- A great stepping on point for a growing Wuxia-inspired comicverse

Fa Sheng: Origins is an all-new wuxia comic created by Peter Shiao, written by Rylend Grant and illustrated by artist Dexter Wee, about the humble beginnings of a great Shaolin Master.  If you like Shang-Chi, Kung Fu, Warrior, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ip Man, or The Grandmaster, this all-new series is for you. I discovered […]

Pullbox Kickstarter Hot List- Projects to look for at your local crowd-funding site

From Jim Simon, Jesse Simon, artist Reedman, Chris Compin, Jean-Marier Arnon, and Jean Deppelley, featuring covers by Steven Butler, Romeo Tanghal, and variant covers by Bob Layton, David Mack, Jesse Simon, and Joe Simon. The Simon Legacy Lives on with ShieldMaster 1 and 2. Classic Story and Art! Jess Stevens and his friends explore an […]

Kickstarter Spotlight on wrestling legend Arn Anderson’s biography, My Life as the Enforcer

ARN ANDERSON: MY LIFE AS THE ENFORCER is a new biographical graphic novel detailing the life and in-ring career of professional wrestler Arn Anderson. This 128-page graphic novel spans from the earliest days of his youth in rural Georgia being raised by his grandparents to his entry into professional wrestling, through his formation of the legendary […]

Pullbox Previews In Hell- a Surreal fantasy set in the Afterlife, now live on Kickstarter

Rebel, blonde, nerd, jock, artist, feminist. Six teenagers you know all too well… Meet THE GREAT UNKNOWN (and a clown). In love, IN HELL. A GRAPHIC NOVEL ADVENTURE BEYOND THE HUMAN Six youth awaken in a surreal landscape, unaware of how they got there, their memories hazy and jumbled. An ominous voice informs them; They are dead and […]

Pullbox Previews The Monuments- Ancient Mechs come to life, volume two coming soon to Kickstarter

140 page graphic novel about what happens when mechs that powered down 800 years ago finally wake up. Created by Bracco/Mertz/Isenberg. THE MONUMENTS is a 140 page, beautifully illustrated, mystery/adventure story from Oliver Mertz (FIRST LAW OF MAD SCIENCE, MAYBE SOMEDAY), Michael S. Bracco (THE CREATORS, NOVO), and Mike Isenberg (FIRST LAW OF MAD SCIENCE, […]

Back This: The Dark Crystal 40th Anniversary Library

In 1982, visionary filmmaker Jim Henson ushered in a new milestone in fantasy with THE DARK CRYSTAL – a visually stunning tale of heroism, and good versus evil in the creature-filled world of Thra. More than 20 years later, that legend began anew when Archaia, the multiple Eisner Award-winning imprint of acclaimed comic book publisher, BOOM! Studios, returned to […] is a part of ThePullbox LLC © 2007-2022