Pullbox Previews Mr Guy, Zombie Hunter- A lampooning piece of zombie mayhem, now on Kickstarter from Oneshi Press

May 21, 2024 (Missoula, MT) — It’s the beginning of the end for Oneshi Press’s half-goblin half-pint hero, Mr. Guy!

Today marks the launch of the epic finale of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter, a zom-com trilogy of ridiculous proportions. This three-issue graphic novel will finally meet its end on Kickstarter, where it’s live from May 21 to June 21.

Mr. Guy is just your average half-goblin gig worker trying to get by in his modern-day high-fantasy world…when some decomposing jerk comes out of nowhere and bites him! Instead of joining the ranks of what’s apparently a zombie apocalypse, though, he’s cursed to be haunted the ghost of the zombie who bit him.

Now, if he wants to get away from a sassy spectral sidekick named Spooky, he’s going to have to cure zombie-ism and, in the process, save us all. But how will our reluctant heroes end the apocalypse if they don’t even know how it started? By investigating every zombie-related pop-culture trope, obviously…

Honestly, they’re not too psyched about it.

Told over the course of twelve 8-page story arcs, each illustrated by a different artist and interspersed with bonus art and mini-comics, Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter comprises three books and over 175 full-color pages of zombie mayhem and pop-culture lampooning that will keep you laughing—and guessing—to the very end of the trilogy!

Written by Oneshi Press’s visionary storyteller Jayel Draco (PACK, Children of Gaia) Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter is illustrated by over a dozen amazing artists, including Walter Ostlie (Ghost Bats, Metalshark Bro), Steve Myers (The Battle for Ozellberg, The Zaidura Chronicles), Michel Abstracto, Diana Camero, Daniel Hooker, and more.

Each artist’s unique take on the characters and the high-fantasy setting leads to a rich and dynamic reading experience that fans of zombie comedies and all things action-adventure are sure to love.

“The conclusion of the Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter trilogy is the first-ever series finale for me as a writer, and for Oneshi Press as a publisher,” says Jayel Draco, creator of Mr. Guy and co-founder of Oneshi Press. “It’s a huge milestone, so I’m celebrating with a huge campaign that I know backers are going to love!”

The Kickstarter campaign for the trilogy finale features all three issues of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter in print and digital, alongside music, zines, paper-craft toys, stickers, art prints, other Oneshi Press comics, and even coffee and merch from the world of the comic! Backers can also collect free bonus comics and epic unlocks as the campaign progresses.

And, as always, Oneshi Press will plant one tree for every backer on the campaign through their ongoing reforestation partnership with OneTreePlanted.org.

Visit the Kickstarter campaign now to reserve your copies of issues #1-#3 of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter before the trilogy ends!

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