Pullbox Reviews: Ring of Roses (graphic novel) – Evil clergy, the Black Death, and enough conspiracies to choke a horse…


Ring of Roses (Titan Comics) Writer: Das Petrou Artist: John Watkiss The iron-fisted rule of English Catholicism has made the London of 1991 a very dangerous place. On the eve of the Pope’s visit, murder stalks the sewers, the stench of political intrigue is everywhere and plague boils into the city, threatening it with a […]

Pullbox Previews: AWAKE


ACTION LAB AWAKENS TO ADVENTURE New All-Ages Series, AWAKE, debuts in September Pittsburgh, PA – Always on the lookout to expand it’s all-ages line, Action Lab Entertainment is proud to announce it’s newest book, AWAKE, by Susan Beneville and Brian Hess, a sci-fi fantasy tale of a young girl with the power to shape worlds. […]

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