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Of course the honeymoon goes sideways… Unholy #2 – out today!

Vampirella/Dracula: Unholy #2 writer: Christopher Priest artist: Donny Hadiwidjaja covers: Shannon Maer (A), Rose Besch (B), Lucio Parrillo (C), Artgerm (D), KyuYong Eom (E), Lucio Parrillo (F-RI/Tint) KyuYong Eom (G-RI/BW), Rose Besch (H-RI/BW), KyuYong Eom (I-RI/Virgin) FC | 32 pages | Horror, Action/Adventure | $3.99 | Teen+ Kidnapped by dark forces while on their honeymoon, […]

The hits keep coming for the Harbinger!

THE HARBINGER #4Written by COLLIN KELLY, JACKSON LANZINGArt by ROBBI RODRIGUEZColors by RICO RENZILetters by HASSAN OTSMANE-ELHAOUCover A by ROBBI RODRIGUEZCover B by CLAUDIA IANNICIELLOPre-order Connecting Cover by DAMION SCOTT It’s the Harbinger vs. the Renegade. Peter confronts his past, but will it destroy him in the process? On sale JANUARY 26th | 32 pages, full color | $3.99 US | T+

Pullbox Previews Hades: Rise of the Dark God, now live on Kickstarter!

Now on Kickstarter, Hades: Rise of the Dark God! When the isolated kingdom of Anastos is alerted to an imminent invasion, king Apollo sends his cousin Hades to entreat the invaders.  What follows are events that will reverberate through the Nexus  for milennia. Before Chronos. Before Deimos. There was Hades. Aron Pohara Writer/Creator Artist Colorist: Fabrizio […]

Kickstarter Preview- Pocus Hocus #3, “A Faustian tale of dire proportions”

Pocus Hocus returns to Kickstarter with a Sinfully Sordid 3rd Issue  Pocus Hocus #3 is headed to Kickstarter in a big way. A Faustian tale of dire proportions told with a comedic curve, Pocus Hocus stars a disillusioned magician who signs his soul over to a demon for true magician fame and fortune. Only problem is, […]

Pullbox Previews Rising Star #1 kicks off a new chapter of the Star Runner Chronicles

January 20, 2022 Atlantis Studios announced today the release of Rising Star #1, the first issue of an ambitious new four-volume continuation of the Star Runner Chronicles saga. Rising Star is the second sequel to the science fiction graphic novel Fallen Star (2021) and Dark Star (2022), which introduced readers to Aurora Palmer, a rebellious […]

Titan announces Adam Hughes cover for an upcoming Doctor Who special!

Titan Comics is pleased to reveal Cover A for DOCTOR WHO: SPECIAL 2022 by superstar artists ADAM HUGHES! DOCTOR WHO: SPECIAL 2022 is written by Dan Slott (Spider-Man) and illustrated by Christopher Jones and Matthew Dow Smith. Writer Dan Slott – known for his critically acclaimed work on Marvel Comics such as The Amazing Spider-Man, […]

Red Sonja: Black, White and Red #6 – gorgeous book, out today!

Red Sonja: Black, White, Red #6 writer: Phil Hester, Amy Chu, Jacob Edgar artist: Anthony Marques, Giorgio Spalletta covers: Jae Lee (A), Lesley “Leirix” Li (B), Jonathan Lau (C), Cosplay Variant (D),Lesley “Leirix“ Li (E-RI/Tinted), Jonathan Lau (F-RI/Line Art), Cosplay Variant (G-RI/Virgin), Jae Lee (H-RI/BW) FC | 40 pages | Sword and Sorcery | $4.99 […] is a part of ThePullbox LLC © 2007-2022