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The Wayward Studios Story

The story of Wayward Studios starts, like so many great tales, in the mid-1980’s in a rural American basement: in Racine, Wisconsin, in point of fact, at the residence of Chris and David Manchester. This small town nirvana was where a group of high school students sharing a love of swords, sorcery, horribly unhealthy snacks and fantastical creatures–and most of all, storytelling–gathered every weekend after their jobs flipping burgers and serving frozen custard to fight the legions of darkness, save worlds unimagined and find the mythical Table H treasure horde. They wrote and played epics tragic and ridiculous, haunting and hysterical.

Near forty years later, and the core of that group – Mark Manchester, Randy Miller, Andy Patch and Eric Anderson – are still at it. They’ve saved worlds, slain mythical beasts and acquired more (imaginary) treasure than any of them could count…but they still love telling stories. And what they’ve realized is that the world around them seems to as well. With the explosion of the tabletop gaming industry and the rise of third-party publishers, especially that of the Goodman Games, Dungeon Crawl Classics line of publications, they found themselves asking, “Everyone else is doing it, so why can’t we?”

And so here we are. Wayward Studios (named for the Wayward Sons Adventuring Group established in a recently-completed, seven-years-long campaign from which From Out of Gnollwhere has its origin), is our attempt to share our stories and ideas with you. We sure hope you like them.

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