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This is Eric Anderson (Founder of ThePullbox LLC). Aside from being an educator, administrator and creating / editing content for you all, I have been writing and publishing a classroom gamifications! I have been an educator for over 20 years, and I have managed to combine my passions for interdisciplinary design, personalized learning, story-telling, and exploration to write several projects. The first of which is The Descendants of Hedeby!

This publication  provides the materials, instructions, and framework for educators to achieve benchmark goals for their classroom (whether that be behavioral, educational, or a mix) while immersing their learners in a rich narrative. In The Descendants of Hedeby, learners form ship crews and travel between multiple island nations, taking on and completing trade runs while learning benchmark skills. 

The second gamification is Escape! a gamification, based more on strategy play than role-play.

My students have enjoyed both of these… I know yours will too!

Take a look at the website and shoot me a tweet (@EricAndersonWI or @EricthePullbox) or email (Eric@thepullbox.com) with any questions!

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