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Pullbox Previews Space Ghost #2- Dynamite, Pepose, & Lau continue the expansion of this Sci-Fi adventure that goes beyond Coast to Coast

Escaping from the wreckage of Space Colony Omicron, Jan, Jace, Blip, and their rescuer travel to the Ghost Planet – the mysterious headquarters of the even more mysterious Space Ghost. Leaving on an urgent mission, Space Ghost gives explicit orders to the three survivors: STAY. PUT. Two children and a monkey left alone in a […]

Pullbox Reviews Space Ghost #1- The Cosmic Vigilante flies again, compliments of Dynamite Comics & David Pepose!

Greed and corruption flourish in the darkness between stars. With the territories of the Galactic Federation spread far and wide across the vastness of space, pirates and hijackers ransack the distant colonies with cruel disregard for the innocent scientists living within them. Yet there is a cosmic vigilante who metes out justice throughout the galaxy, […]

Pullbox Previews: Army of Darkness Forever #7 – Beware the Necronomicon Baby!

ARMY OF DARKNESS FOREVER #7 writer: Tony Fleecs artist: Pop Mhan covers: Bjorn Barends (A), Arthur Suydam (B), Tony Fleecs (C), Chris Burnham (D) FC | 32 pages | Horror/Adventure | $4.99 | Teen+ In this issue: the legendary Ash Williams has never faced anything like the Necronomicon Baby — and he has definitely seen […]

Cover Blitz: ThunderCats #5

Dynamite and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products announce an exciting spotlight issue and jumping-on point for ThunderCats fans. Writer Declan Shalvey is teaming up with artist Stephen Mooney as ThunderCats #5 turns its attention to Cheetara, for a pivotal moment in the ongoing saga. The beloved crew of ThunderCats are led by Lion-O, destined for that role. Though […]

Dynamite invites readers to celebrate 40 years of the Terminator!

History will repeat itself! Dynamite announces a special new limited-time project to offer classic Terminator comics to fans in deluxe collections across multiple formats, covering a full decade of classic stories! The books can be secured now on BackerKit! James Cameron’s iconic The Terminator released in 1984 and kicked off a whole new era of action blockbuster films. With Arnold […]

Cover Blitz: ThunderCats #3 – The Return of Snarf!

Dynamite and the creative team of ThunderCats are excited to announce the coming return of the beloved character Snarf to the smash hit new comic book series!Snarf is Lion-O’s devoted childhood pet, the quadruped beast cannot speak, but has a doting and special connection with his companion who seems to understand him better than others. He gets […] is a part of ThePullbox LLC © 2007-2024