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Pullbox Previews: Vengeance of Vampirella #25 – The End of an Era!

Vengeance of Vampirella #25 writer: Tom Sniegoski artist: Kewber Baal covers: Lucio Parrillo (A), Ben Oliver (B), Stephen Segovia (C), Rachel Hollon Cosplay Variant (D), Stephen Segovia (RI-E/Virgin), Rachel Hollon Cosplay Variant (RI-F/Virgin), Ben Oliver (RI-G/BW), Ben Oliver (RI-H/Tint) FC | 32 pages | Horror | $3.99 | Teen+ The end of Vengeance has arrived! […]

Ash vs. Studio 54… all this and more in Army of Darkness: 1979 #4

Army of Darkness: 1979 #4 writer: Rodney Barnes artist: Tom Garcia, Edu Menna covers: Francesco Mattina (A), Arthur Suydam (B), Jungguen Yoon (C), Stuart Sayger (D), Arthur Suydam (E-RI/BW), Stuart Sayger (F-RI/BW), Junggeun Yoon (G-RI/BW), Francesco Mattina (H-RI/BW) FC | 32 pages | Horror, Action/Adventure | $3.99 | Teen+ It’s 1979 and Ash is on […]

Pullbox Previews: Red Sonja #4 – Sitha’s Revenge!

Red Sonja (Vol. 6) #4 writer: Mirka Andolfo, Luca Blengino artist: Giuseppe Cafaro covers: Mirka Andolfo (A), Jay Anacleto (B), Joseph Michael Linsner (C), Erica D’urso (D), Tabitha Lyons Cosplay Variant (E), Mirka Andolfo (F-RI/BW), Erica D’Urso (G-RI/Virgin), Joseph Michael Linsner (H-RI/BW) FC | 32 pages | Sword and Sorcery | $3.99 | Teen+ MOTHER, […]

The Battle for all of Reality is on! Vampiverse #4 is out this Weds!

Vampiverse #4 writer: Tom Sniegoski, Jeannine Acheson artist: Daniel Maine covers: Madibek Musabekov (A), Stephen Segovia (B), Maria Laura Sanapo (C), Meghan Hetrick (D), Rachel Hollon Cosplay (E), Stephen Segovia (F-RI/Line Art), Rachel Hollon Cosplay (G-RI/Virgin), Meghan Hetrick (H-RI/BW), Maria Laura Sanapo (I-RI/Line Art) FC | 32 pages | Horror, Action/Adventure | $3.99 | Teen+ […]

Out this week! Red Sonja 2021 Holiday Special!

Red Sonja 2021 Holiday Special writer: Mirka Andolfo & Luca Blengino artist: Zulema Scotto Lavina covers: Joseph Michael Linsner (A), Will Robson (B), Cosplay (C), Cosplay (D-RI/Virgin), Will Robson (E-RI/Virgin) FC | 40 pages | Action/Adventure | $4.99 | Teen+ An all-new She-Devil tale, from ongoing Red Sonja architect MIRKA ANDOLFO and a cavalcade of […]

Vampirella’s sister Draculina debuts in February

Draculina is coming, the next can’t-miss chapter in Christopher Priest’s acclaimed expansion of the Vampirella mythos, starring the icon’s sister.With her appearance following right after her sister Vampirella with the second issue of the original magazine, Draculina has appeared in sporadic, yet memorable roles since through the years. That all changes this February, as critically acclaimed and […] is a part of ThePullbox LLC © 2007-2021