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Pullbox Reviews: The She-Devil With a Sword Slices Her Way Through Cupid’s Heart!

Do NOT read this one if you’re looking for hard core, grit and blood Sonja, and need things to fit nice and neat into her (let’s face it) ridiculously meandering timeline. DO read this if you love the character and her universe, have a sense of humor, or just like watching an all-powerful manly-man completely stuffed with himself wizard get his comeuppance. (12.5/13)

Pullbox Previews: new comics from Dynamite Entertainment, this NCBD 01-13/2021

Coming out this week from Dynamite Entertainment! Green Hornet (Vol. 3) #5Rating: Teen +Cover A: Lee WeeksUPC: 725130292810 05011Cover B: Anthony MarquesUPC: 725130292810 05021Writer: Scott LobdellArt: Anthony MarquesGenre: Action/AdventurePage Count: 32 PagesMad scientist. – CheckThe US Army. – CheckDeadliest assassin in the world. – CheckInterdimensional being. – CheckSuper powered being from space who has been stuck in a stasis pod and driven […] is a part of ThePullbox LLC © 2007-2021