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Pullbox Reviews .357 Magnum Opus, defining “high octane” & “mature audiences”

.357 Magnum Opus Artillery Network Written by Ghezal Omar Illustrated by Mingchen Shen Available now, in print & digital format Bounty hunter Sexx Pistol never kept track of the body count, until it was one of her own lying dead on the ground. Struck with grief, she swore she would leave Kassius Del Mar, the […]

Are you really an 80’s action fan if you haven’t read Lords of the Cosmos #4?

I don’t what to say except I love everything Jason Lennox does. His vision of the evolved fantastical melodramatic Saturday morning cartoon hits me right in my inner 12-year heart. Is it gorgeous art? Yes! Are there outrageous amazing characters? Yes! Is there over-the-top dialogue? Yes! Is a crazy “conquer the world” plot? Is it […]

Pullbox Reviews: Witchblood, a long strange trip of a comic… about the family you make

Witchblood (issues 1-9 available in digital & print) Vault Comics Written by Matthew Erman Illustrated by Lisa Sterle Colors by Gab Contreras Design by Tim Daniel A modern, Wild West road trip about a witch named Yonna cruising the Southwest as a band of bloodthirsty biker vampires, The Hounds of Love, hunt her scattered coven […]

Pullbox Reviews – Immortals Fenyx Rising: From Great Beginnings

Immortals, Fenyx Rising: From Great Beginnings Dark Horse Comics Written by Ben Kahn Illustrated by Georgeo Brooks Colors by Wes Dzioba Letters by Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt Gods must face their past and unite for the legacy of the future in this Greek-mythology inspired graphic novel based on Ubisoft’s video game Immortals Fenyx Rising! […]

Pullbox Reviews: Djinn Hunter – Every wish comes with a price…

Djinn Hunter 1-5 Black Box Comics Written by Jay Sandlin Illustrated, Colored, & Lettered by Fabrizio Cosentino Edited by Cynna Ael All issues available in print & digital formats The cosmos are in chaos! The elder council of djinn must stop their rogue member, Abyss and his minions from granting wishes to mortals resulting in […]

Pullbox Reviews: The River of Blood – Vikings & Monsters, now on Kickstarter

The River of Blood Black Jack Press Written by Sean Fahey Illustrated by Carlos Trigo Colors by Jok Letters & Logo Design Kel Nuttall 996 A.D. Dark and mysterious forces plague the Volga River, the lifeline of medieval Russia. Countless ships vanish in the dead of night. Many others drift aimlessly down river, their decks […]

Pullbox Reviews: Rammur- The Corvus Trilogy, part 1

Rammur & TOPS (Tales of the Police State) Markosia Written by Charles Santino Art by “Dead on the Ground”- Paulo Peres “Handiwork”- Marco Perugini “TOPS: Almost Home”- Carlos Aon “TOPS: Job Well Done”- Marco Perugini Available digitally 12-31-2021 (print to be announced) A museum heist gone wrong. Two thieves dead. Rammur’s fusion gear damaged. The […]

Pullbox Reviews: Buffy, Last Vampire Slayer #1- a new future explores the Buffster’s Golden Girl years…

Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer Boom! Studios Written by Casey Gilly Illustrated by Joe Jaro Colors by Joana Lafuente Letters by Ed Dukeshire Covers (Main) Ario Anindito (Spotlight) Rod Reiss Dani Pendergast Guiseppe Camuncoli In an alternate universe in the not-so-distant future, the decay of the world and the rise of dark magic has dampened […]

Pullbox Reviews: Barbarian Rage, a study in the use of custom action figures for the comic book world

Barbarian Rage Published by Nacelle by Scott Cherry Edited by Adam Cherry & Christopher Ryder So what’s a creative person to do? There’s an idea, a love of comics, and a desire to unite them both in the act of creation… but there’s all that art to be done. If you’re Scott Cherry, creator of […] is a part of ThePullbox LLC © 2007-2021