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Pullbox Reviews The Devil That Wears My Face #1- “Send more priests…”

The year is 1740, and the Vatican is in turmoil. Grappling with a profound crisis of faith, outcast exorcist Father Franco Vieri is dispatched on a mission of grave importance — to rescue a Spanish nobleman from the clutches of the sadistic demon known as Legion. Ringo Award-winning writer David Pepose (Moon Knight: City of […]

Pullbox Previews Two new supernatural crime dramas, coming soon from BlackBox Comics

BlackBox Comics is an independent publisher based in New York, inspired by those who share an appreciation of comic writing and art, the comic industry, as well as avid readers all over the world who love great characters and great stories. Dead Detective While investigating the death of his partner, a detective discovers a portal […]

Pullbox Previews Killmore #1- Lock your doors, turn on the lights, & stay away from the windows…

In a city on the brink of collapse, two lone detectives stand against a tidal wave of brutal unsolved murders in KILL MORE, a new comic series written by Scott Bryan Wilson (Trve Kvlt, Pennyworth) with art by Max Alan Fuchs (Altered Carbon, Savage Tales) launching September 13 from IDW Originals. The gripping thriller defies […]

Pullbox Previews The Beast of Bower Boulevard #1- Break out the popcorn, turn out the lights… & don’t make a sound

From Willy’s Wonderland creator G.O. Parsons and superstar artist Carlos Rod comes a thrill ride story of sci-fi, suspense, and horror. Fearing a massive avalanche occurred, a deputy and his family are sent to investigate the welfare of a secluded ski town. Upon arrival, they discover the resort is under deadly assault by a mechanized, […]

Pullbox Previews Hunt. Kill. Repeat. vol 1- No Gods. No Masters. Only Revenge, from Mad Cave Studios

It’s Kill Bill meets Clash of the Titans in Hunt. Kill. Repeat. (issue 1 reviewed here) the all-new, action packed series by Mark London (Battlecats, Knights of the Golden Sun). When the Greek gods invade Earth, society is quickly forced to comply with their new rulers. However, one god, Artemis, rejects her brethren’s ideology and […]

Pullbox Previews El Krudo #6- Behind enemy lines, the only out is through…

EL KRUDO #6 (issue 1 reviewed here) is an orangutan raised by the USMC who is dropped into the Vietnam War and gets stuck behind enemy lines.  It’s like Project X meets Apocalypse Now (errr, Ape-ocalypse Now).  El Krudo lands in the Vietnam Highlands, an area controlled by the ruthless Viet Cong warlord, Major Deng. […]

Pullbox Previews Home Free #4, crime noir with more action than you can shake a .357 at

“…some people you can’t reason with.  Some people you just shoot.” Sara had planned on going to Mexico.  She wanted to escape the darkness of her past, as it only brought on desperation.  She needed to escape her country, as it was being drowned in madness.  San Diego was her final destination before crossing the […]

Pullbox Reviews Lost in Tarnation #1- A self-destructive journey across Texas starts here

A Southern boiled tragicomedy journey of the self-destruction of a man escaping his past in his trek across Texas. “I think you may just find what you’re looking for in Texas. A lot of us do.” – Nelson the Armadillo Peter is on a trip, and you can take that however you choose. The story […] is a part of ThePullbox LLC © 2007-2022