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Kickstarter Spotlight on Cabra Cini- New mini-series spinning out of indie series, Geek Girl

Following a number of anthology short stories and also having appeared in the pages of Geek-Girl, cult character Cabra Cini is graduating to her own Mini-Series – Live on Kickstarter now! “We’ve been working on the Mini-Series for some time,” says Cabra’s creator/writer Sam Johnson (Geek-Girl, The Almighties), “and with the art now complete, it’s […]

Pullbox Reviews: Seidr #1 – Viking horror tragedy with its eyes on Valhalla…

Seidr #1 Wickid Publishing Co-created & Written by Michael Nunneley Co-created & Illustrated by Tosin Awosika Letters by Guido Martinez Edited by Russ Pirozek Vikings are pretty hot right now. The big screen is carrying The Northman, starring Alexnder Skarsgård & directed by Robert Eggers, a film that’s getting some great critical buzz. Small screens […]

Pullbox Previews: UNNATURAL Returns with a Thrilling New Adventure in Blue Blood

Unnatural is back! Three years after acclaimed creator Mirka Andolfo’s first blockbuster, Leslie and Khal return for a thrilling new adventure. The Unnatural: Blue Blood story arc written by Mirka Andolfo and illustrated by celebrated artist Ivan Bigarella will run for ten issues and will kick off from Image Comics this May. Unnatural: Blue Blood, a few years have […]

Pullbox Reviews: Home Free #1- Ready for your next hard-boiled crime noir comic?

Home Free #1 Coffee Time Comix Written by John Kratky Illustrated by Michelle Lodge Letters by Eduardo Camacho As a genre, noir has some very specific benchmarks. There’s the somber mood and dark tones (check). Noir is also generally defined by the moral flexibility of its characters, up to and including the hero (check). Finally, […]

Pullbox Previews: Home Free – Hard-Boiled indie noir, coming soon to Kickstarter!

HOME FREE: A ROAD TRIP INTO THE HELL OF REVOLUTION Portland, Ore. October 2021 – In the midst of America’s fall, Sara attempts an escape to Mexico, but asshe travels south from Oregon she must confront a past that has ties to the very beginning of therevolution. Home Free is a 5 issue limited series that […]

Kickstarter Spotlight on London Gothic, an eerie supernatural adventure

The wrath of Hell is upon us… An enthralling supernatural, horror adventure, full of mystery that brings a fresh and exciting approach to the British comic book and graphic novel market, London Gothic® twists and turns like the ancient repellent Victorian sewer systems that lurk beneath the old city of London. Chapter one marks the […]

Kickstarter Spotlight on The Afflecktion #1- A concept so crazy… it just. Might. Work.

The Afflecktion #1 By Dylon Peven and Zander Bice with colors by Nicholas Michael The Story: An aspiring screenwriter with an uncanny resemblance to BEN AFFLECK discovers there may be a more sinister explanation behind his striking likeness. Part 1: The Hero with a Thousand Faces Ari is your average 26 year old aspiring screenwriter. […]

Pullbox Previews Mother Nature, horror from Titan Comics & Jamie Lee Curtis

JAMIE LEE CURTIS MAKES HER GRAPHIC NOVEL DEBUT WITH ECO-HORROR – MOTHER NATURE! February 28, 2022 – Titan Comics is thrilled to be publishing Mother Nature (Fall 2022) the terrifying debut eco-horror graphic novel by Hollywood legend Jamie Lee Curtis. Co-written with film-maker Russell Goldman and illustrated by artist Karl Stevens, the book has been adapted from the script for the upcoming Comet […]

Kickstarter Preview for Rayna #1- Dark Fantasy coming soon…

On March 7th, the unlikeliest of dark anti-heroines, Rayna, descends upon the unsuspecting hordes of Kickstarter supporters. On March 7th, the unlikeliest of dark anti-heroines, Rayna, descends upon the unsuspecting hordes of Kickstarter supporters, thanks to the brainchild of comic book writer Ryan Cummins. An orphan, harbouring immeasurable magic, Rayna brings an explosive darkness to […] is a part of ThePullbox LLC © 2007-2022