Pullbox Previews Mixology Noir, book 2: Paloma & Manhattan, coming soon to Kickstarter

Stories for fans of horror, crime, noir, and pulp. Fans of craft cocktails: the people who drink them, the places they are made, and the deeper, twisted ways they affect our lives.

Cocktails have a rich, storied history. Each has an origin, a feeling it inspires in its drinkers, and an identity unto itself. As long as alcohol has existed, humans have mixed it, consumed it, and dealt with its effects.

Sometimes those effects are joyous, other times disastrous. I wanted to write a series of stories inspired by those cocktails and their impact on people.

There is no aspect of human nature, history, or mythology that doesn’t mix well with an ounce of bourbon or a shot of vodka. Garnish with some horror, strain through noir, and serve straight up.

I hope you’re thirsty.

Evan Carothers, writer/letters/design

Paloma: Locals at a little dive bar in Mexico get more than they bargained for after sheltering a young girl and her brother from the Government, when the brother turns out to be a horrible monster.

Manhattan: A woman whose daughter is in a coma finds solace from her pain at the bar next door to the hospital, but when reality begins to slip away she falls headfirst into a world of madness.

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