Pullbox Previews Alien Undead #1- When First Contact meets the Zombie Apocalypse, can Alien Zombies be far behind?

  • Alien Undead #1
  • Created & Written by Kyle Roussel
  • Illustrated by Eumir Sepulveda
  • Colors by Ramon Camberos
  • Letters by Reinhard Buhisan
  • Art Director- Scott Beard

A crew of advanced aliens, named the Erlitii, crash land on an uncharted planet. Unbeknownst to them, they find themselves on Earth… with the zombie apocalypse in full swing! Their initial encounter with the “native” species of this foreign planet is nothing close to the peaceful meeting that they had hoped for, and now the stranded Erlitii and the surviving humans of Earth must deal with a new threat. The new Erlitii zombies are faster, smarter, stronger, and hungrier than anything anyone has encountered before!

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