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Pullbox Previews Fractal Cascade- An imaginative multimedium graphic novel, coming soon to Kickstarter

In a world where AI prompts are increasingly used in an attempt to replace traditional hard work and artistic talent, we at thePullbox are more than happy to present this preview of an upcoming piece of work. Fractal Cascade is an imaginative & ridiculously detailed multimedium graphic novel, coming soon to Kickstarter. After looking at […]

Pullbox Previews The Rabustatrons graphic novel series- Science Fiction Adventure set in the Distant Future

The Fate of the World has yet to be decided… In the aftermath of calculating Earth’s destruction due to an impending asteroid collision, humanity prepares for ‘The End of the World.’ Set billions of years in the future, when ecosystems have regenerated and Earth has transformed beyond recognition, The Rabustatrons follows three warriors on a […]

Pullbox Previews Rook: Exodus #2- The next installment in the sci fi adventure series from Ghost Machine

Dive deeper into the world of ROOK: EXODUS! In the far future, the man known only as Rook wants out. He reckons anywhere is better than the crumbling planet Exodus, where all of nature—especially its imported animal population—has grown out of control as the world’s engine has utterly failed. Scavenging for an escape vessel, he’s […]

Pullbox Previews Beyond Real #2- Get on board with this head-spinner of a trip through the rabbit hole from Vault Comics & Zack Kaplan

It’s WIZARD OF OZ meets THE MATRIX!It’s this year’s love letter to comics with seven artists and two colorists!And it’s your chance to question reality… BEYOND REAL asks the question — what if we are living in a simulation, but instead of a Matrix style computer/digital simulation, it’s an artistic simulation. After all, creation is artistic – so why […]

Pullbox Previews MeSseD- As above, so below… far, far below

It’s an entire world, wild and scary, right below our feet. MeSseD, the nickname for the Metropolitan Sewer District, brings sewer management to science fiction. Tough sewer worker Lilliput is our guide to the wet, weird and wild world under our feet. We’re a very flush-and-forget-it society, MeSseD mashes sci-fi and science to create a […]

Pullbox News- EC Comics is back to show the kids how it’s done after over sixty years!

EC COMICS IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE – AND ALL–NEW PUBLISHING LINE – AT ONI PRESS The Infamous and Influential Comics Imprint That Redefined Pop Culture Returns with Staggering New Titles and Superstar Creators – Beginning Summer 2024  Seventy years after the creation of the Comics Code Authority irrevocably changed the course of comics history, the most infamous, […]

Pullbox Previews Alien Undead #1- When First Contact meets the Zombie Apocalypse, can Alien Zombies be far behind?

A crew of advanced aliens, named the Erlitii, crash land on an uncharted planet. Unbeknownst to them, they find themselves on Earth… with the zombie apocalypse in full swing! Their initial encounter with the “native” species of this foreign planet is nothing close to the peaceful meeting that they had hoped for, and now the […]

Pullbox Reviews Stellarlands #1- Where we learn that capes are not covert, & interstellar travel requires a strong stomach

Action, adventure and political intrigue collide in this epic saga spanning multiple worlds, interconnected stories and a host of memorable characters. Tasked with traveling to a moon of the distant planet Apolaki, superhero Anvil Liza (proudly sponsored by Anvilcore, mining the galaxy so you don’t have to!) is to investigate an abandoned classified station and […]

Pullbox Previews The Beast of Bower Boulevard #1- Break out the popcorn, turn out the lights… & don’t make a sound

From Willy’s Wonderland creator G.O. Parsons and superstar artist Carlos Rod comes a thrill ride story of sci-fi, suspense, and horror. Fearing a massive avalanche occurred, a deputy and his family are sent to investigate the welfare of a secluded ski town. Upon arrival, they discover the resort is under deadly assault by a mechanized, […]

Pullbox Reviews School For Extraterrestrial Girls, volume 2- Class is back in session

Their former school is compromised, exposing Tara, Misako, Summer, and Kat, to possible danger from unknown alien forces. They are forced to relocate to a new hidden school–The School for Extraterrestrial Boys! Located on a hidden island in the arctic north, the new campus has a mysteriously warm summer climate, a beautiful lake, and dozens […]

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