Pullbox Previews Beyond Real #2- Get on board with this head-spinner of a trip through the rabbit hole from Vault Comics & Zack Kaplan

It’s this year’s love letter to comics with seven artists and two colorists!

And it’s your chance to question reality…

BEYOND REAL asks the question — what if we are living in a simulation, but instead of a Matrix style computer/digital simulation, it’s an artistic simulation. After all, creation is artistic – so why wouldn’t the simulation be?

This week’s issue: An artist’s craft. June lands in a strange geometric layer of life’s simulation, where dark creatures hunt corrupted souls who dare to pass over the boundary. With the help of a crew of cynical human survivors, June must come to terms with her new powers and escape this limbo before being formatted out of existence. When we endeavor to create, when do we use the form and when do we break it?

On a personal note, I cannot tell you how rewarding the response was to Issue #1. It has been one of the best reviewed creator-owned #1s in the last several months, up there with Tynion’s Deviant and Bendis’ Masterpiece. The buzz has been absolutely amazing. It makes it all the more meaningful that it’s a story about being a creative, and that the story features so many different talented artists – and that readers have championed that. So if you have been part of helping us to get the word out and support our series – then thank you!

Zack Kaplan, creator/writer, Beyond Real
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