Pullbox Previews Lackadaisy, a gorgeously illustrated historical ride through Prohibition… with Cat People

  • TITLE: Lackadaisy Vol. 1
  • AGE RANGE: General Adult
  • ILLUSTRATIONS: Two-Color Throughout
  • GENRE: Historical / Action & Adventure
  • SRP: $25
  • FORMAT: Hardcover
  • PAGE COUNT: 100
  • PUB DATE: April 16, 2024
  • ISBN #: 9781638991038
  • PUBLISHER: Iron Circus Comics
  • TRADE DISTRIBUTOR: Consortium Book Sales & Distribution

It’s 1927 and Prohibition is in full effect in St. Louis, Missouri. Organized crime has risen to meet the relentless demand for illicit alcohol. Bootleggers, gangsters, and might-makes-right dominate the city’s underworld, fueled by the patrons of speakeasies — speakeasies like Lackadaisy.

Hidden under the unassuming Little Daisy Cafe and run by the widowed and strong-willed Mitzi May, Lackadaisy holds its own in a rough-and-ready world, where you’re either holding the gun or taking the bullet. But will tenacity, class, and a little bit of crazy be enough to ensure the survival of Mitzi and her gang?

A keepsake collected edition of the cult classic, Eisner Award-nominated webcomic!

For a bonus, check Lackadaisy in lively animation!

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