Pullbox Reviews – Fetch: Book 2 from Storm Kids


Written by Mike Sizemore

Art by Dave Kennedy, Colors by Pete Kennedy,
Lettering by Janice Chiang

Edited by Sandy King

104 pp.

MSRP: $14.99

ISBN: 979-8-9887285-0-4

EAN: 9798988728504

Fetch, Book Two: The Rescue delves deeper into the hero’s journey, focusing on characters Danni and Odysseus as they confront their past actions and face the consequences. Danni, driven by grief, impulsively journeys to the underworld to resurrect her beloved dog, inadvertently setting off a chain of events that endanger her allies and lead to her brother’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Odysseus struggles with the weight of his hero image, unable to let go of the expectations placed upon him. Mike Sizemore does an outstanding job narrating as both characters confront figures from their past and grapple with the negative outcomes of their actions, the narrative gains depth and complexity, elevating the story beyond a simple adventure.

Dave Kennedy’s artwork in Fetch, Book Two: The Rescue seamlessly blends childlike whimsy with eerie horror elements, creating a visually captivating experience. From the depths of Hades’s underworld to the vast expanse of the sea, Kennedy’s illustrations evoke a sense of wonder and dread, enhanced by Pete Kennedy’s bold and high-contrast colors.

Fetch, Book Two: The Rescue offers a compelling blend of mythology, adventure, and redemption, making it a captivating read for audiences of all ages.

Eric’s score: 12/13

Storm Kids Blurb – A young girl on a grand adventure to save her dog from the clutches of the Underworld has gone perilously wrong, and now it’s up to her to marshal a collection of mythical heroes and villains alike to set everything right in the epic conclusion of FETCH, the acclaimed graphic novel from John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids, an imprint of Storm King Comics.

FETCH Book Two: THE RESCUE is available May 8, 2024, through direct sales, including at www.StormKingComics.com, and comic shops, followed by a May 21, 2024, release at retail booksellers. 

Written by Mike Sizemore and illustrated by Dave Kennedy and Pete Kennedy, with lettering by Janice Chiang, FETCH Book Two: THE RESCUE continues the incredible story of courage, determination and love that began in Fetch Book One: The Journey, which Kirkus Reviews said was “a gateway into Greek myth” with “energetic, expressive artwork” and “a gut-wrenching cliffhanger.” Now, that cliffhanger is resolved in a graphic novel created for young readers, but which will appeal to all ages of adventure-lovers.

In Fetch Book One: The Journey, 12-year old Danni thought nothing could be worse than mourning her beloved pet dog. But her fantastical quest to bring her pup back from the Underworld goes very wrong when her little brother Sammy tags along for the adventure—the Dark Lord, Hades himself, takes Sammy hostage. Heartbroken but determined to rescue Sammy she sets off on an even more incredible final journey, but this time she’s taking her new mythological friends with her. If a Cyclops, a Minotaur, a Ferryman and the legendary hero Odysseus can’t outfox Hades then no one can. Along the way, they’re aided by the ancient gods themselves, while picking up new friends and enemies along the way in this captivating conclusion to FETCH.

“Creating exciting, vibrant and thoughtful stories for young readers has been integral to Storm King Comics since we began a decade ago, and Fetch is an incredible example of that,” said Storm King Comics founder Sandy King. “Mike Sizemore has conceived a brilliant adventure that not only introduces younger readers to classic mythology, but tells a fantastic story of strength and love that will delight younger readers and introduce them to a wider world.”

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