Pullbox Previews The Rabustatrons graphic novel series- Science Fiction Adventure set in the Distant Future

  • The Rabustatrons
  • Created & Written by Richard Perry
  • Co-Written by Gareth Brough
  • Pencils & Inks by
    • Romualdo Silva
    • Micah Champion
    • Alex Guenther
    • Johan Manandin
  • Colors by
    • Cristiano Cruz
    • Federico Taibo
    • Andrei Nicole Capili
    • Juwon Omoboriowo
    • Jarred Cramer
    • Stefano De Paolis
  • Letters by
    • Lex Alemán
    • Mike Stock
    • Sabrina Paula
    • Serhii Yarovyi
    • Paul Byrd
    • Marco Della Verde
    • Ariel Iacci
    • Fina Mufiddah

The Fate of the World has yet to be decided…

In the aftermath of calculating Earth’s destruction due to an impending asteroid collision, humanity prepares for ‘The End of the World.’

Set billions of years in the future, when ecosystems have regenerated and Earth has transformed beyond recognition, The Rabustatrons follows three warriors on a mission to save the planet from a new world dictator.

As the asteroid’s impact becomes imminent, scientists construct underground bunkers to protect the remaining population. Chief scientists Gaines, Nealono, and Anneka are entrusted with the task of repopulating Earth. However, a disagreement between Nealono and Gaines about humanity’s future leads Nealono to sabotage their cryogenic pods. Intent on ruling the new human race as a dictator, Nealono’s empire emerges.

Years after the asteroid event, Gaines awakens from his pod to find a world vastly changed and under Nealono’s iron grip. Steelios, a vigilant protector assigned by Nealono to keep an eye on Gaines, unexpectedly becomes his ally as they search for Gaines’ son, J’lore.

Meanwhile, J’lore, residing in a village under constant threat from bandits known as the Strygoi, enlists the aid of an enigmatic warrior named Perrano to help save his people.

Download the Prologue, The Rabustatrons- First Light, for free at therabustatrons.com

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