Pullbox Previews Orphans of the Impact Winter #2- Survival isn’t a romp in the Sunday funnies

Orphans of the Impact Winter tells the tale of Chuck and Addie, a young boy and his loyal Australian
Shepherd, as they struggle to survive in a near-future where the moon is tumbling from orbit, destined for a collision with Earth. Coping with their harsh reality by imagining they’re space explorers in a vibrant sci-fi world, the pair embark on a perilous journey to find salvation from their doomed planet. It’s a story about growing up and navigating the trials of youth – venturing out into an unforgiving world, making friends, dealing with first loves and losses, all viewed through the lens of an impending apocalypse.

Chuck and Addie’s search for supplies brings them even farther from the safety of home where an encounter with violent scavengers drives home the life-or-death stakes of their daily lives. Even their hideout might not be safe anymore after it’s discovered by outsiders, though an unexpected offer could alter their hopes of survival…

(For a full review of issue #1, take a look here)

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