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Pullbox Previews Orphans of the Impact Winter #2- Survival isn’t a romp in the Sunday funnies

Orphans of the Impact Winter tells the tale of Chuck and Addie, a young boy and his loyal AustralianShepherd, as they struggle to survive in a near-future where the moon is tumbling from orbit, destined for a collision with Earth. Coping with their harsh reality by imagining they’re space explorers in a vibrant sci-fi world, […]

Pullbox Reviews Geiger: Ground Zero- The first swing at a new creator-owned comic world, from Ghost Machine

Set twenty-five years in the future after the mysterious UNKNOWN WAR, husband and father Tariq Geiger lost his humanity in the aftermath of the nuclear war that took his family from him. Now, capable of absorbing radiation but struggling to contain it, Geiger is known as THE GLOWING MAN. He’s the last person you want […]

Pullbox Reviews Beast of Bower Boulevard #1- Grab the popcorn, kick your feet up, & enjoy the carnage

From Willy’s Wonderland creator G.O. Parsons and superstar artist Carlos Rod comes a thrill ride story of sci-fi, suspense, and horror. Fearing a massive avalanche occurred, a deputy and his family are sent to investigate the welfare of a secluded ski town. Upon arrival, they discover the resort is under deadly assault by a mechanized, […]

Coming soon to Kickstarter, ARKS #3- “The desire to survive can make you do terrible things”

ARKS Publisher: Clicky Sprout Wife Writer: R.J Collins Artist: R.J. Collins (Issue One), Andrew Morris (Issue Two & Three) Digital Art: James Daly, Neil Copland (All Issues) ARKS #3 is coming soon to Kickstarter… but, what is it? According to the creators, it’s… Arks is the terrifying story of Lilith and Joseph – two planetary engineers (Arks), who […]

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