Pullbox Previews Student Ambassador: The Silver City- a Globe-Trotting adventure mystery for kids to follow and solve as they go…

“The ex-president has an international incident that only a younger version of him can solve! He needs . . . a student ambassador!” Eight-year-old student ambassador Joseph Bazan made a big splash on the international scene when he cracked the case of The Missing Dragon and kept the nation of Rhutar from going to war. […]

Pullbox Previews Life of Wolverine, the digital series is coming to print in one collected edition this July

Jim Zub and Ramón F. Bachs’ ‘Life of Wolverine’ comes to print for the first time this July. From MARVEL This July, Logan bares his mind, body and soul in LIFE OF WOLVERINE #1, a special one-shot presenting Wolverine’s incredible life story in chronological order.  Originally published as a Marvel Unlimited companion comic to the X LIVES OF WOLVERINE/X DEATHS […]

Pullbox Previews Conan T. Barbarian #10- The Age of High Adventure Continues in a new chapter from Titan & Heroic Signatures

BEYOND FLESH. BEYOND DEATH. BEYOND TIME. Conan has traveled far and seen much in his legendary journeys, but nothing he has experienced thus far can prepare him for a quest to lands beyond to answer dark riddles of the past. Unexpected allies await, fierce enemies loom, and the strange power of the Black Stone stirs […]

Pullbox Press Release- Omnibus Adds Massive Publishing to their Digital Roster

[Brooklyn, NY] Omnibus has added Massive Publishing to it’s impressive roster. This new phase of their partnership launches today, both in-app and on our web store at https://omnibus.app/shop/publishers/massive. Massive is the home of Sean Gordon Murphy’s Zorro: Man of The Dead, Quested and The Exiled. Omnibus will be the exclusive digital distributor of their catalog […]

Pullbox Previews Critical Entertainment (Press Release)- First round of titles in Previews World have sold out & go back to the presses!

LOS ANGELES – April 8, 2024 – ALL our first comics through Diamond’s PREVIEWSworld are SOLD OUT! If you are experiencing back-orders or having trouble finding our comic books at your local comic book store, that is because Diamond is out of stock! We will be offering these titles again through Diamond’s PREVIEWSworld Catalog in […]

Pullbox Previews The Memory Machine, exploring the downfalls of spending too much time in the past

A depressed man named Jacob tests a new device that allows you to relive – and modify – your memories. He becomes addicted to its power, and takes drastic action to ensure he can afford to keep visiting his past. However, his desire to make changes to his real-world life lead him into a dangerous […]

Pullbox Previews Orphans of the Impact Winter, an imaginative deep dive into a boy & his dog surviving the unsurvivable

Orphans of the Impact Winter (thePullbox reviewed the first preview issue back in October of 2022) is a comic that tells the tale of an imaginative young boy named Chuck and his loyal dog Addie as they struggle to survive in a world where the moon is falling out of the sky. Coping by pretending […]

Pullbox Previews Gatchaman #1- All of the action (& nostalgia) for the Science Ninja Team!

Earth’s Most Advanced Line of Heroes! A mechanical terror has descended upon numerous cities and the world’s greatest scientists are disappearing. Our only hope: Science Ninja Team Gatchaman! As they battle these machinations from the international terrorist organization known as Galactor, their strength, willpower, and even vehicles are pushed to the absolute limit. If they […]

Teutonic Monsters Launches 4/11

Elijah Loving, Author and Illustrator announces the launch of “Teutonic Monsters,” an enthralling comic book that delves into the final days of the 6th Roman Legion’s epic battle against the Germanic horde. Set against the backdrop of Gaul, this visually stunning work blends history and fantasy, captivating comic lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike with its […]

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