Introducing Ultimate Hawkeye

The Maker, a deranged alternate version of Reed Richards, manipulated his way through the timestream to create a world without super heroes, but when he emerges from captivity in 16 months, he’s in for a rude awakening! In his absence, super heroes, nations, and young mutants are reclaiming their destiny in four hit titles: Jonathan […]

Pullbox Previews Animals #2 from Invader Comics – Shock & Awe Horror in the spirit of X-Files and Resident Evil

INVADER COMICS GOES FERAL WITH THE LONG-AWAITED RETURN OF THEIR GRISLY HORROR TITLE, ANIMALS What if the hunter became the hunted? What if the animals that humans preyed upon decided it was time to turn the tables? That’s the premise behind Invader Comics’ atmospheric new horror series, ANIMALS, from writer Keith Foster (Kodoja, Three Protectors) […]

Pullbox Previews- Blackbox Comics announces a shared universe within their line of supernatural comics

BLACKBOX COMICS UNVEIL THEIR SHARED UNIVERSE WITH DEVIL’S DOMINION, EMPATH AND MORE (Press Release) Eagle-eyed readers may have already noticed subtle clues and breadcrumbs being laid out, but with the July PREVIEWS catalogue for September release, BLACKBOX COMICS have confirmed the existence of a shared universe which operates between their various titles. Dubbed the BLACKBOX […]

Iron Fist turns 50!

 Next month, Marvel Comics proudly marks Iron Fist’s milestone 50th anniversary year with a special oversized one-shot. Today, fans can check out all the covers as well as a never-before-seen sneak peek! IRON FIST 50TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL #1 will spotlight different eras of the mystical martial arts hero’s storied adventures with a wide variety of epic […]

Back This: Grimm Tales of Terror TV Series 1

Grimm Tales of Terror Television Series Season 1  A new live-action horror adaptation of the best- selling comic book series!  Kickstarter Campaign launches July 24th! We ask for your support to back the campaign and help us bring this six-episode series to life!   Follow the prelaunch here! Enjoy “The Killer Hook” Sneak Peek!

Pullbox Reviews Heirs of Agione- A manga fantasy graphic novel from Europe Comics, with a no-nonsense princess, a plucky sidekick, & horrific monsters

In the kingdom of Tyriadoc, in the event of premature death, everyone is entitled to a second life known as “The Ëdra.” Sometimes, death is so violent that rebirth becomes disastrous. This spawns Accursed Ones, monsters created in the very image of their own demise. Yet, there is one exception to the Ëdra: newborn babies. […] is a part of ThePullbox LLC © 2007-2024