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Titan Solicitations Jan 11th

BLADE RUNNER: 2039 #2Writer(s): Mike Johnson, Mellow BrownArtist(s): Andres GuinaldoColorist: Marco LeskoPublisher: Titan ComicsFC, 32pp, $3.99On sale: January 11th, 2023 A figure from Ash’s distant past drags the disgraced and battle-weary ex-Blade Runner back into action. COVER A: KENDRICK LIMCOVER B: VERONICA FISHCOVER C: SYD MEAD KAMEN RIDER: ZERO-ONE #2Writer(s): Brandon EastonArtist(s): Hendry PrasetyaPublisher: Titan ComicsFC, 32pp, $3.99On […]

Cover Blitz: Gun Honey #2

(W) Charles Ardai (A) Ang Hor Kheng (CA) Derrick Chew Titan With weapons expert Joanna Tan, the legendary “Gun Honey,” off the grid, recuperating from her last job, a vengeful rival takes her place – and frames Joanna for murder. On the run from Malaysia to Milan, from Montana to Monaco, can Joanna catch up […]

Pullbox Kickstarter Spotlight on Star Noir… hard-hitting detective work meets the X-Files

L.A. Noire meets X-Files… Star Noir is a 6-Part detective story following Homicide Detective Alan Miller and his grey alien partner Ellis Tate as they travel across 1940’s Los Angeles to find an elusive shapeshifter killing officers in Central Station. It’s inspired by the grit and tone of noir books like James Ellroy’s The Big Nowhere, has the snappy dialogue of Humphrey Bogart’s The Big Sleep, and depicts a stylized 1940’s Los […]

Source Point Press/Oxeye Media at SDCC!

Here are all the SDCC ‘22 panels Source Point Press EIC Josh Werner will be speaking atthis weekendSource Point Press Editor-In-Chief Joshua Werner will be representing the comic publisher inmultiple panels at Comic-Con International: San Diego. Werner will be attending the conventionJul. 21 – 23 speaking on the topics of printing comics, pitching comics, and […]

Dynamite Issues – out this week!

Debut issue! Army of Darkness Vs. Reanimator: Necronomicon Rising #1 Writer: Erik Burnham  Artist: Eman Casallos  Covers: Tony Fleecs (A), Christopher Mitten (B), Arthur Suydam (C), Stuart Sayger (D),  322 pages | Horror Humor | $3.99 | Teen+  HORROR ICONS CLASH IN A NEW MINI-SERIES!When an archaeological dig unveils an important element from the world of […]

Pullbox Review/Indie Publisher Spotlight on Simon N. Kirby: the Agent #5, from G-Man Comics

Simon N. Kirby: The Agent G-Man Comics Written by Rik Offenberger Illustrated by Alan Faria Letters by Eric N. Bennett Alternate covers by Alan Faria Steven Butler Gilbert Monsanto Pat Broderick Agent Kirby tries to break away from his dependants on technologies developed by Henry Rothländer. As the FBI begins to develop their own tech […]

Pullbox Previews: The Last Session trade paperback – Good friends, Good games, Good times…

The Last Session (trade paperback, volume 1) Writer: Jasmine Walls Artist: Dozerdraws Letterer: Micah Myers Collects issues #1- 5. ROLL FOR INITIATIVE Jay, Lana, Drew, Walter, and Shen began playing Dice & Deathtraps in high school. Now dealing with college and all the twists and turns of their lives, their weekly game has been a […]

Pullbox Previews Halestorm: Hyde Manor, a graphic novel revealing the horror behind the music

EDITOR: Rantz Hoseley WRITERS: Winner Twins COVER ARTIST: Alison Sampson INTERIOR ARTIST: Sara Scalia PRINT ARTIST: Egidija Guobyte COLORS: DC Alonso DESIGNER: Lauryn Ipsum  This Halloween, Z2 Comics and Grammy-winning rock band Halestorm will transform the group’s barbed riffs and evocative narratives into sequential art for Hyde Manor, a harrowing descent into one woman’s fight with the darkest parts of herself. Twins Brittany and Brianna Winner (the Twin Soul series), artist Sara […]

Pullbox Reviews: Nottingham #6- A new arc as the Sheriff’s hunt for Hood continues…

Nottingham #6 Mad Cave Studios Written by David Hazan Illustrated by Shane Connery Volk Colors by Luca Romano Letters by Justin Birch Edited by Brian Hawkins Design by Diana Bermudez Available April 6th, 2022 (available for pre-order) In this twisted medieval noir, the Sheriff of Nottingham hunts a serial killer with a penchant for ta […] is a part of ThePullbox LLC © 2007-2022