Pullbox Previews MeSseD- As above, so below… far, far below

It’s an entire world, wild and scary, right below our feet.

MeSseD, the nickname for the Metropolitan Sewer District, brings sewer management to science fiction. Tough sewer worker Lilliput is our guide to the wet, weird and wild world under our feet.

We’re a very flush-and-forget-it society, MeSseD mashes sci-fi and science to create a world below us that we’re not sure what’s true and what’s not.

Launched in November 2016, MeSseD has become one of the most popular comic books in the Greater Cincinnati area. Cincinnati Citybeat named us the 2017 Best of Cincinnati Staff Pick: “Best Reason to Get Your Mind in the Gutter.” The Cincinnati Enquirer wrote,”Lilliput… is tough and enterprising. She is fearless and unflappable… a hero for all of us.”

MeSseD writer Jay B. Kalagayan, & artist Dylan Speeg

MeSseD is one of those ideas, the thought that there’s a vast underground world beneath our feet. That there’s thousands of miles of pipes that only a few workers have access to. Roots deep as a skyscraper is tall. So you have to ask the question, “how do we know what’s really down there?

Dylan’s amazing talent is featured on all chapters of MeSseD. A great blend of photorealistic and surreal, Dylan has really carved out the look and feel of the series. I love the expressions he has for the characters, stunning creatures and the mind blowing tunnel work.

Jay B. Kalagayan, writer/creator of MesSeD

Creating a world out of scratch. Making imagination come to life. It’s what thinking looks like for me.

The reception from the comic book community has been overwhelming. Very positive for the most part. Whatever you do, some people are going to not like it so I am always prepared for that. Young women have really latched on to the idea of a strong female lead character. Keeping a storyline cohesive from frame to frame is the priority. There is an established tradition and visual language that you can work with that I really like. It has to make sense to the reader or it doesn’t work. It has made me a better artist all the way around.

Dylan Speeg, artist for MeSseD
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