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Pullbox Reviews The Devil That Wears My Face #6- Bringing a blessed sword to a Satanic gunfight

The Curia is broken, as Legion’s corruption floods the streets of Rome. While the Vatican burns, Father Vieri must make his final stand against the demon that wears his face. Yet with his greatest weapon proven powerless against the Devil, can Vieri and Maria find another way to reclaim his body? Or will the horrifying […]

Pullbox News- EC Comics is back to show the kids how it’s done after over sixty years!

EC COMICS IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE – AND ALL–NEW PUBLISHING LINE – AT ONI PRESS The Infamous and Influential Comics Imprint That Redefined Pop Culture Returns with Staggering New Titles and Superstar Creators – Beginning Summer 2024  Seventy years after the creation of the Comics Code Authority irrevocably changed the course of comics history, the most infamous, […]

Pullbox Previews Mixology Noir, book 2: Paloma & Manhattan, coming soon to Kickstarter

Stories for fans of horror, crime, noir, and pulp. Fans of craft cocktails: the people who drink them, the places they are made, and the deeper, twisted ways they affect our lives. Cocktails have a rich, storied history. Each has an origin, a feeling it inspires in its drinkers, and an identity unto itself. As […]

Pullbox Reviews The Devil That Wears My Face #2- A comic that makes simple possession seem almost cute

The year is 1740, and the Vatican is in turmoil. Grappling with a profound crisis of faith, outcast exorcist Father Franco Vieri is dispatched on a mission of grave importance – to rescue a Spanish nobleman from the clutches of the sadistic demon known as Legion. But when the exorcism goes tragically wrong, Vieri finds […]

Pullbox Previews Going Green, a “supernatural family drama”, now live on Zoop!

In a world where composting human remains is a growing trend, what happens when our loved ones return, growing out of their composted remains into the people they once were? The team behind GOING GREEN explores this concept with their forthcoming original graphic novel, now live on comic book crowdfunding site Zoop. Rising star artist […]

Pullbox Previews Diary of Dread- Classic spine-tingling horror in the spirit of Creepshow, now on Kickstarter

Diary of Dread is classic horror in a 156-page horror magazine in the vein of Creepshow, Tales from the Crypt, and Vault of Horror. From the twisted mind of Phil Russertt comes six chilling tales of suspense and horror with twists and turns you won’t see coming!! 39 Cedar Lane – In a quaint country […]

Pullbox Previews Skeeters #1- A gruesomely comedic story for fans of classic creature-features!

From Mad Cave Studios, the B-horror comic that goes BUZZ… Small town hijinks ensue as extraterrestrial mosquitos descend on a sleepy beach town. When giant mosquito-like alien creatures invade a rural seaside community, a frustrated sheriff and two oddball exterminators end up being the town’s only hope for survival. A comedic and gruesome story for […]

Pullbox Spotlight on The Beast of Bower Boulevard #2- Nostalgic throwback to late night cable horror movies

Willy’s Wonderland writer G.O. Parsons and exceptional artist Carlos Rod return with the second issue in a three-part series for Beast of Bower Boulevard. A mechanized and militarized robot dinosaur is obliterating everything thing in its path. With nowhere to run, no place to hide, blood-soaked snow, and a rising body count, the only hope […]

Pullbox Previews Lineage: Daughter-in-Law, “a Chinatown Horror Story”

Lineage: Daughter-in-Law Created, written, & illustrated by Fang Yili (Fang Fang Comics) Nora a reporter rushes through Chinatown on her way to interview an elderly woman living in a peculiar mansion swirling with strange rumors.  When elements of the woman’s story don’t seem to square with the facts, the dark reality of the house reveals […]

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