Pullbox Previews Hound- The dogs of war, coming soon from Mad Cave Studios

  • Hound #1
  • Mad Cave Studios
  • Written by Sam Romesburg & Sam Freeman
  • Illustrated by Rodrigo Vázquez 
  • Letters by Justin Birch
  • Coming in February, 2024

During World War I, a young soldier is assigned to one of the most deadly areas along the western front. However, he finds the greatest threat to his life lies not with the enemy, but with a cult formed by his own men.

A surreal tale exploring the horrors of war, Hound follows the journey of Private Barrow as he faces the front lines during World War I as documented in his journal. But when Barrow is sent to the “Gas Quarter” with a select unit known as “The Hounds”, he finds himself thrust into horrors beyond his imagination. 

“For Sam, Rodrigo and I, Hound is the culmination of over a year’s worth of planning, historical research and work, and we could not be more thrilled to see it finally taking physical form,” said Sam Romesburg, co-author of Hound, “We cannot wait for readers to take in this world Rodrigo has so masterfully produced on the page, and we could not be more thankful to be doing this with the incredible team at Mad Cave.”

Found nestled and protected within a den of wolves, the journal of Private Barrow, a fresh young soldier drafted into Britain’s royal army during the height of World War I, meticulously and explicitly recounts the events that lead to his death. However, where most men are sent to the trenches, Barrow was sent to a place known only to him as the “gas quarter” — a patch along the western front known for incessant mustard gas attacks. Our story and the journal both begin with Barrow’s introduction to the unit occupying the quarter — a group referred to by the top brass as “The Hounds,” a nickname earned by the appearance of their long-snouted gas masks. Immediately, Barrow is shaken by the sight of them and is soon pulled into a hell that can only come from the savage horror of war.

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