Pullbox Previews The Chefs of Death, a sci fi horror comedy tipping the hat to classic photo comics of the 80s

Paying homage to Eagle & all the photo comics of the 80s… The Chefs of Death is fully funded on Kickstarter & ready to invade!

The Chefs Of Death Issue 1

The critically acclaimed first issue was described by Midlifegamergeek.com as “It’s a lot of fun, with the photo strip adding a great deal of humour to the story… In short, it’s a loving, clever and knowing homage to the brief life of a bleak, photogenic anti-hero – though no knowledge of Doomlord is needed to have fun reading The Chefs of Death”. 

This first issue sees the Earth under attack for the first time, and when hundreds of people start going missing the always appalling UK Prime Minister John Borrison refuses to take it seriously, because he really is the worst, so the only hope for humanity are journalists are Audrey Pearce and Robert Mills.

The Chefs Of Death Issue 2 is a 52 page black and white photo comic, where after visiting Earth the alien Zarmdov appears to be missing, and so his distraught father will do anything and everything it takes to track him down, ably assisted by his sons Capidom and Frandor. Inevitably this takes us back to Earth, where journalist Audrey Pearce and newsreader John Holland are blackmailed by MI5 in to helping them stop these awful extraterrestrials.

Written by Alex Finch, and star award winning stand up comedian Ian Lane, the writer of Massacre For Boys and Killing Moon Rises Chris Denton, real life scientist Chloe Taylor, as well as Andy Pearse-Hooley, Jennifer Blythe, Katherine Monk, Amanda Finch and Nags Gotherington. Meanwhile Neil ‘Bhuna’ Roche designed the logo and provided the cover for The Chefs Of Death.

And introducing… Hawk Issue 1982!
In an alternative world we just dashed over to briefly there’s a long running anthology photo comic called Hawk in which The Chefs Of Death was first published, and we’re bringing you a full 32 page issue of it. As well as the first four pages of The Chefs Of Death 2 it includes the following four page strips: Arcade Gamer, Nicodemus In Space, The Invisible Taxman, The Autobiography Of A Ghost Child, The Peavaarkar Wars and Janey And The Devil, and all of these have been specifically written so that new readers (e.g. everyone!) will be able to completely understand the storylines!

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