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Pullbox Previews Mixology Noir, book 2: Paloma & Manhattan, coming soon to Kickstarter

Stories for fans of horror, crime, noir, and pulp. Fans of craft cocktails: the people who drink them, the places they are made, and the deeper, twisted ways they affect our lives. Cocktails have a rich, storied history. Each has an origin, a feeling it inspires in its drinkers, and an identity unto itself. As […]

Pullbox Previews Dick Tracy #1- Return to The City with the penultimate noir crime stopper!

DICK TRACY RETURNS IN A NEW ONGOING COMIC BOOK SERIES FROM MAD CAVE!A new era for the iconic detective starts here, from bestselling and acclaimed authors Alex Segura and Michael Moreci, as an all-new, noir-infused chapter in the Dick Tracy legacy kicks off with superstar artist Geraldo Borges. In the aftermath of World War II, […]

Pullbox Previews StarNoir, book 2- “L.A. Noir meets the X-Files”

Star Noir is a 6-Part detective story following Homicide Detective Alan Miller and his grey alien partner Ellis Tate as they travel across 1940’s Los Angeles to find an elusive shapeshifter killing officers in Central Station. It mixes the haunting sci-fi of The X-Files with the grit and tone of noir books like James Ellroy’s The Big Nowhere. It has the snappy dialogue of The Big Sleep, and depicts a stylized 1940’s Los Angeles as seen […]

Pullbox Previews Home Free #4, crime noir with more action than you can shake a .357 at

“…some people you can’t reason with.  Some people you just shoot.” Sara had planned on going to Mexico.  She wanted to escape the darkness of her past, as it only brought on desperation.  She needed to escape her country, as it was being drowned in madness.  San Diego was her final destination before crossing the […]

Pullbox Previews Tales From Nottingham, a gritty anthology from Mad Cave Studios

Coming February 1st from the Cave: Tales from Nottingham, an anthology set in a Robin Hood noir world… Tales From Nottingham explores untold stories from the twisted universe of Nottingham, including the secret origins of Robin Hood and the Merry Men, Marian’s violent past, Aya of the Hashashin’s first kill, and an ordeal that will […]

Pullbox Kickstarter Spotlight on Decades- Remastered by David Taylor, a fellow who knows noir

DECADES 5th ANNIVERSARY edition is live on Kickstarter on August 6th, 2022, updating the cult killer thriller for its third printing, with refreshed art and a bold remix of the original story.  In the dark woods outside Massachusetts, Detective James Macleod finally catches The Huntsman, but not before a disastrous, bloody arrest forces him out […]

Pullbox Previews: Home Free – Hard-Boiled indie noir, coming soon to Kickstarter!

HOME FREE: A ROAD TRIP INTO THE HELL OF REVOLUTION Portland, Ore. October 2021 – In the midst of America’s fall, Sara attempts an escape to Mexico, but asshe travels south from Oregon she must confront a past that has ties to the very beginning of therevolution. Home Free is a 5 issue limited series that […]

Pullbox Reviews: Normandy Gold #1 – Cue 70’s Music Track and Buckle Up!

Normandy Gold #1 Titan Comics Written by Megan Abbott & Alison Gaylin Art by Steve Scott Colors by Lovern Kindzierski Lettering by Comicraft Available now! When her younger sister is found murdered in a D.C. hotel, relentless Sheriff Normandy Gold dives headfirst into the seedy world of prostitution and politics, soon discovering a twisted conspiracy […]

Pullbox Reviews: The Damned (vol 1) – Mickey Spillane meets H.P. Lovecraft…

The Damned, volume 1 Oni Press Written by Cullen Bunn Illustrated by Brian Hurtt Colors by Bill Crabtree Available now in digital format! Print version available March 29, 2017! Sometimes, the only person you can trust is a dead man. Caught in the middle of a sinister web of murder, kidnapping, betrayal, and damnation, Eddie […]

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