Pullbox Previews Home Free #4, crime noir with more action than you can shake a .357 at

“…some people you can’t reason with.  Some people you just shoot.”

  • Home Free #4
  • By John Kratky & Michelle Lodge
  • Now live on Kickstarter

Sara had planned on going to Mexico.  She wanted to escape the darkness of her past, as it only brought on desperation.  She needed to escape her country, as it was being drowned in madness.  San Diego was her final destination before crossing the border, and the only thing standing in her way was a war zone.

With the borders closed, and the city in flames, Sara is meeting with violent attacks around every corner.  Will she find refuge from the battle, or will she get swept up with the wind of revolution?

This 32-page issue is the first of a two-part finale, marking the end of the Home Free series.  The stakes have never been higher; not only for Sara’s survival, but America’s.  When she meets Tessa Brown, the leader of the anti-surveillance Eyes On Me movement, Sara must take on the role of bodyguard to get her out of a tense firefight.  

This is the most action-packed issue of the Home Free series.  It doesn’t just start with a bang, but the high-limit, life-on-the-line intensity keeps banging page after page, right until the last panel.  

The journey that started in Coos Bay, OR finally comes to its endgame, but where will Sara go from here?  

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