Pullbox Previews Dead Kingdom, volume 1- The collected edition of Red5’s medieval zombie-fest, coming soon

  • Dead Kingdom, Volume 1
  • Red 5 Comics
  • Written & Illustrated by Etienne Derepentigny
  • Letters by Jerome Gagnon
  • Edited by Kurt Belcher
  • Available January 17, 2024

The Battle of King’s Hill is over! King Alexander, the Elder, is victorious!

After more than four years of war, the Kingdom of Verridas can now find peace. But a new threat is rising in the South. News of sickness and death grows.

Find our full review of Dead Kingdom, issue 1, here

Dead Kingdom is a multiple-volume saga that will explore a world where sorcery, brotherhood, and love collide with the rising nightmare of the living dead.

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