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Afterburn starring Dave Baustina and Samuel L. Jackson – Coming Soon from Red 5!

Black Bear, Endurance Media, Dogbone Entertainment, and Original Films today announced action-packed adventure movie Afterburn, starring Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy, Dune), ahead of the upcoming European Film Market. Samuel L. Jackson (The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Django Unchained) will also join the cast in this highly anticipated project, which starts principal photography in April in Europe.The […]

Reviews Dead Kingdom II #1- Once more into the zombie-filled landscape… no Hobbits were eaten in the making of this comic

As Kain and Alice are reunited, the Kingdom is falling into despair. The undead spread through the land, enrolling Kain and his companions back into the fight. On a mission to bring back a weapon that may turn the tide of the invasion, the group will soon realize that something worse than the undead lurks […]

Pullbox Previews Dead Kingdom, volume 1- The collected edition of Red5’s medieval zombie-fest, coming soon

The Battle of King’s Hill is over! King Alexander, the Elder, is victorious! After more than four years of war, the Kingdom of Verridas can now find peace. But a new threat is rising in the South. News of sickness and death grows. Dead Kingdom is a multiple-volume saga that will explore a world where […]

Pullbox Reviews Prometheus In Chains #1- Cutting deep into a very broken Dr Frankenstein

Prometheus In Chains, the third nightmare from Rich Davis, is a play on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein set in the post-WWII atomic age. Both Victor & Elizabeth Frankenstein are among the Jewish scientists who fled Nazi Germany to work on the Manhattan Project. When Elizabeth passes away from cancer caused by radiation exposure, Victor spirals into […]

Pullbox Previews Nix- all-ages fantasy adventure from Red 5 Comics

Classic fantasy adventure with a cartoon like art style for quick, light reading. Nix Written by Susan Beneville Illustrated by Brian Hess Published by Red 5 152 pages ISBN 9781954167100 A feisty girl trapped in spirit form, Nix, must convince a self-doubting young prince, William, to embrace his powers before her vengeful father destroys the […]

Pullbox Reviews: Dead Kingdom #1 – Etienne Derepentigny & Red 5 Comics killin’ zombies old school

Dead Kingdom #1 Red 5 Written & Illustrated by Etienne Derepentigny Letters by Jerome Gagnon Edited by Kurt Belcher In comic shops September 28th, 2022 Something is attacking the Field Valley, something that destroys whole villages seemingly overnight. The kingdom thinks it’s a plague, but the battle worn Kain knows better. When he and a […]

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