Red 5 Announces the Return of Beorn, the Littlest Viking!

Red 5 Comics is happy to present the long awaited conclusion to Beorn, The Littlest Viking!  Issue #4 will be in stores in the next week or so.  

Winner of the National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award!  Beorn and Goob are on the run! What could be so bad to have a Viking and a troll teaming up for survival? And will the little fellas be big enough to put their differences aside long enough to get out of this mess?

If you haven’t pre-ordered Beorn #4 from your comic shop, you can do so using the code:  NOV231671

Following shortly after, the trade paperback featuring Volume 1 “The Island” hits stores around February 14th as well.  

Winner of the National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award for Comic Book Series!  Beorn’s world is big, full of living myths and fairy tales, but that won’t stop the littlest Viking from living a legendary life! After Beorn finds his way to an uncharted island, he wastes no time launching headfirst on his quest for adventure… or at the very least, his quest to find a sandwich! What perils await young Beorn in this new land, and will the littlest Viking be big enough to rise above the dangers coming his way?

The award winning trade paperback can be ordered with Diamond Code: NOV231672

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