Red 5 Comics – November ’22 Solicitations

(W) Jim Ousley (A) Tyler Ruff

Months after a brutal tragedy, young Jake and his mother travel to St. Louis to visit their estranged family during the holidays. Soon, Jake, his cousin Baby Al, and their Bosnian friend Sara must fight for their very lives when they discover the truth about the city’s devastating secret past.
FC · 32 pages · $3.95
Available November 9, 2022

(W/A) Etienne Derepentigny
As we explore who made this man a soldier, Kain’s origin is told. A lonely baby is left in the woods next to his dead mother. Kain is found by the legendary commander Arthur who saw not only a child, but a future solder waiting to be molded into the perfect image of himself. But is Kain more than a ruthless killer? Will he stand in front of injustice and become the man he is destined to be?
FC · 32 pages · $3.95
Available November 23, 2022

(W/A) Benjamin Morse
The final hours of Captain August! Shaken and crippled after his confrontation with his arch-enemy, August launches a desperate plan to save as many of his new allies as he can from the villainous rebel fleet and their cyborg commander. He’s been hounded, hurt and humbled- but he’s not going down without a fight! The astonishing conclusion!
FC · 32 pages · $3.95
Available November 16, 2022

(W) Alex Deluca (A / CA) Mauricio Caballero
Held fast in shackles, The Dragon Whisperer and The Dragon ruminate on the awful things they’ve done; tragedies that have upturned their own lives, the lives of the ones they love, and even time itself. But, along with this reflection, comes growth, and so too the opportunity to make up for these failures. In this thrilling conclusion they deliver miracles that will change the destiny of everything, with the promise of a mighty future to come.
FC · 32 pages · $3.95
Available November 6, 2022

(W) Matts, Damian Connelly, Tomas Wortley (A) Nahuel Grego, Emiliano Correa, Daniel Romero
Special ONE-SHOT! 48 pages of story content + cardboard cover! Three short stories from three creative teams explore the world of Machine Girl in an all-new format! Machine Girl takes human holidays to space! From an early age, Megan has been obsessed with an old planet called Earth. From the horrific Halloween to the cheerful Christmas, its holidays will make their way into her days at the farm, and even into her life on an intergalactic pirate ship!
FC · 56 pages · $5.99
Available November 30, 2022

MEGA VOL. 2 #2
(W) Salvador Sanz (A / CA) Salvador Sanz
The Jackals, ancient beings trapped deep in the planet’s depths, are being freed by a rebellious teenage boy. But the Jackals are not interested in us or our world. They have come to devour something more important than mere flesh. They have come to devour time itself. Salvador Sanz delivers a new chapter in the successful Mega saga!
FC · 48 pages · $7.99
Available November 2, 2022

78 MPH VOL. 1
(W) Mauro Mantella (A) Tomas Aira
Earth is no longer what it used to be. An environmental catastrophe has transformed the atmosphere into a large magnifying glass that enhances solar radiation, and a nuclear disaster has slowed down the rotation speed of the planet. Anyone that moves slower than 78 miles per hour will not be able to escape the scorching sun. Only a small group of people was able to survive in this new world, constantly moving in a huge rolling city that can never stop.
FC · 96 pages · $12.95
Available November 16, 2022

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