Dynamite Spotlight: Gargoyles, Red Sonja and the return of Savage Tales!

Dynamite Entertainment is proud to present six spectacular covers that will lead the charge on the hotly anticipated return to comics of Disney’s Gargoyles!

Announced to great reception alongside San Diego Comic Con, the Gargoyles are back in action in their nightly New York City heroics in a new series this December. Franchise creator Greg Weisman returns to the characters as writer, with a saga that will be both perfect for newcomers to jump right into, and immensely rewarding for longtime diehard fans. More details on the storyline and creative team of the series is coming soon, but all parties involved wanted to shine a spotlight on these stunning pieces of art and the names behind them set to grace the covers of the title.

At the helm for the standard “A” cover is an action-packed piece by fan-favorite David Nakayama. He was a natural fit given his signature style straddling a modern comics look with elements pulled from Saturday morning cartoons and action figure packaging. Not only is he one of the top names in comics covers, but he’s also lauded for his illustrations for Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line of figures. His cover depicts nearly the whole cast, including Goliath, Angela, Broadway, Lexington, and more. His cover will also be featured as the cover for Diamond Comics Distributors’ September for December Previews catalog.

In addition to Greg Weisman returning to write the series, another exciting reunion is superstar artist Amanda Conner. The DC, Marvel, and Vampirella legend started her illustrious career doing many licensed and all-ages titles at Marvel in the 1990s including Barbie, and as the interiors and cover artist for the 1995 Gargoyles series. Now she’s back with a cover featuring all the key cast including their human ally Elisa. Dynamite is set to begin releasing facsimile reprints and collected graphic novels of that series soon, with more details to come.

Legendary painter and Dynamite powerhouse Lucio Parrillo brings his Italian mastery to another iconic piece, as he portrays Goliath as fans have never seen before. With his brushstrokes and prowess of anatomy, Goliath has never looked more imposing and powerful, as each muscle and vein bulges from his strength.

Lesley “Leirix” Li is one of the industry’s biggest talents today, and her portrayals of strong and beautiful women attract fans and collectors in droves. Angela is one of the most important characters in the Gargoyles pantheon, and she deserved a standalone cover for her dedicated fans. Leirix was the perfect choice!

The Gargoyles are of course gargoyles, and that gothic influence permeates their designs and tales. Editor Nate Cosby and the team at Dynamite wanted to capture that mood and DNA in some of the artwork for this launch, and a longtime collaborator was the ideal match. Jae Lee is known for his moody visuals and his style captures this gargoyles aspect wonderfully.

Last but certainly not least, the Gargoyles gang has their own “dog” in Bronx who has always been a fan-favorite. Who better to give him center stage on a cover than Tony Fleecs, the top talent known for his hit Stray Dogs series and work with My Little Pony?

Two of the most powerful forces in the Dynamite mythos collide to conclude this year, in Red Sonja / Hell Sonja. But are they meeting as foes or allies, and will both survive to tell the tale?

Writer Jordan Clark (Samurai Sonja) returns to the Sonjaverse in an all-new story that forces Red Sonja and Hell Sonja to team up against an immensely powerful Dark Entity from another world. Clark teams up with artist Miriana Puglia as he switches from historical action to cosmic horror.

Red Sonja / Hell Sonja tells the story of Hell on Earth. Hell itself has begun caving in, forcing Hell Sonja to escape through a portal…she finds herself stranded on Earth, powerless, but still hunted by the evil from her home dimension. There is only one warrior strong enough to help her fight back against horrendous Hell creatures: Red Sonja! Hell may have no fury like a woman scorn – but Hell’s in real danger when going up against two Sonjas!

“It’s great to be back! I’ve loved getting the chance to introduce Samurai Sonja, and this was an opportunity to try and stretch things even further,” Clark spoke about returning to the franchise. “When the idea of a Red Sonja/Hell Sonja story was brought to me, my mind immediately went towards cosmic horror. For these two to team up again it would take quite the threat, and what bigger threat than your own sanity?”

The first issue will have covers by some of the top talent in the industry including Lucio Parrillo, Lesley “Leirix” Li, Joseph Michael Linsner and Rebeca Puebla. There will also be a cosplay cover by the incredible Rachel Hollon.

Dynamite is proud to announce that the upcoming Savage Tales: Winter Special is back with more thrilling tales of Dynamite’s biggest stars as well as legends of the pulps.

This December’s special will feature two up-and-coming artists and graduates of the prestigious Kubert School, Mariano Benitez Chapo and Hamish Munro-Cook. They’ll be teaming up with fan-favorite writers Scott Bryan Wilson (Pennyworth) and David Avallone (Elvira, Bettie Page) for two of the four tales in this action packed new one-shot that will be debuting with covers by Arthur Suydam, Liam Sharp and Rafael Kayanan.

Savage Tales is back with four tales of brutality, thrills and spills. The party starts with “Devil Juice” by Wilson and artist Max Fuchs (Altered Carbon: One Life One Death) as Vampirella’s sister Draculina wants revenge on an enemy demon but has to go through a wall of body builders first.

Wilson then teams with Benitez Chapo for “Crypt Junkies” as Vampirella accompanies a TV crew when they open a 1,000-year-old sarcophagus… with bloody results.

Avallone and Munro-Cook bring us a new story of Captain Gulliver Jones and the savage world of Mars in “His War Chapter II.” Then Avallone and artist Eman Casallos (Alice Cooper) take us to the dying world of Barsoom for more adventures with John Carter, Warlord of Mars and his mate Dejah Thoris.

Founded by legendary artist Joe Kubert, known for his acclaimed war, superhero, drama, and autobiographical comics, The Kubert School offers students a high quality and challenging education in Cartooning and Graphic Art. They are committed to investing their time in preparing students for the rewarding and exciting careers and opportunities ahead of them. The Kubert School is located in Dover, NJ.

Savage Tales is an anthology series that dates back to the early 1970s when it existed as a black-and-white comic-magazine starring Conan the Barbarian. It was an attempt by Marvel Comics to enter a field dominated by Warren Publishing with their titles Vampirella, Eerie and Creepy. Since 2007 Dynamite has shepherded this legacy title, with full-color sword and sorcery tales of Red Sonja, and then joined by other hit characters. Fans who have collected each variation to date will love to continue building their sets of Arthur Suydam’s iconic homage covers.

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