Pullbox Previews The Ghost System #1 (of 4)- A Cyberpunk Thriller, coming soon to a hacker collective near you

The Ghost System is a gripping cyberpunk thriller from the writer of Plainer Jane. It follows the story of Soro, an isolated young man hiding from his broken past, and the dangerous international hacker collective The Ghost System as both sides are brought together in a battle for survival and dominance.

Pushed to the edges of his own sanity and forced to fight on two fronts, Soro wages war on a gang of robbers who attack him in his home, And against a bigger, more sinister, and much more personal enemy.

  • Written and Created By: David Wilburn (Facebook, BlueSky)
  • Sequential Artist: Rafael Romeo Magat
  • Front Cover Artist: Clark Bint
  • Colourist: Linda Scott Campbell
  • Lettering: Tim West
  • Broken Face Comics
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