Pullbox Previews Rogue: the American Dream- It ain’t gotta be Shakespeare to be a hit

If you’re gonna dream, dream big…

A 120-page graphic novel of pure 90s style action bad a$$ women with guns and cheesy one-liners

Fully funded on Kickstarter! Contact the creator for availability

In the future America has fallen and been ravished by a second civil war. A new regime has seized control and controls what is left of the nation. A new set of rules is put into play a combination of extreme right, left, and communism. Anyone who does not comply is labeled a fascist and banished to the wastelands. With another war hanging in the balance, Rogue is mankind’s last hope at true freedom and redemption….but she even care anymore. 

Meet Scarlett AKA Rogue. Who got her name for her rebellious attitude during her time as a Marine/Special Forces. Rogue was always more concerned about doing the right thing than following orders. And securing the freedoms and protection of the Nation and its people. But something dramatic happened that made Rogue lose her faith and care for her country and its people.

Irrational anger! Ideological extremism! Dogs & cats, living together!
Too subtle? After a while, it’s hard to tell…
Left & Right ideologies… equal opportunity oppression!
Manga chicks & BFGs… more tropes than you can shake a stick at!
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