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Coming to Kickstarter- Zip #1, a “British comic about imperfect superhumans”

Civilization was never built for superhumans. Yet all the while they have lived within it.​ ​​Unnoticed and marginalised, they took to acts of heroism to give themselves a sense of purpose in a society that seemed to have no place for them. ZIP is among these heroes. Her superior speed makes the rest of the world […]

Kickstarter Spotlight on ILLÜMON: Seven Rays of the Sun, book 1

ILLÜMON: Seven Rays of the Sun – Book One To rescue seven fabled monsters, a brash young monster catcher braves a dying world to confront their captor: her very own sister. In a bright, curious world brimming with light-born monsters called Illümon, Kanno Vaash is hailed as Hyllorah’s finest monster-catcher. Or, she would be, if the world hadn’t began to wither when […]

Pullbox Kickstarter Hot List- Projects to look for at your local crowd-funding site

From Jim Simon, Jesse Simon, artist Reedman, Chris Compin, Jean-Marier Arnon, and Jean Deppelley, featuring covers by Steven Butler, Romeo Tanghal, and variant covers by Bob Layton, David Mack, Jesse Simon, and Joe Simon. The Simon Legacy Lives on with ShieldMaster 1 and 2. Classic Story and Art! Jess Stevens and his friends explore an […]

Back This: The Dark Crystal 40th Anniversary Library

In 1982, visionary filmmaker Jim Henson ushered in a new milestone in fantasy with THE DARK CRYSTAL – a visually stunning tale of heroism, and good versus evil in the creature-filled world of Thra. More than 20 years later, that legend began anew when Archaia, the multiple Eisner Award-winning imprint of acclaimed comic book publisher, BOOM! Studios, returned to […]

Pullbox Kickstarter Spotlight: Luminology, The Mark of the Soul (book 1)

Luminology: The Mark of the Soul, Book One Created & written by Curt Kasady Created & Illustrated by Punchie Aurora Lee is a small-time private investigator itching for a big case. When her father’s death is deemed suspect and support for a fascist politician peaks, the mystical power of luminology leads our heroine to uncover the darkly exploitative nature of love […]

Pullbox Kickstarter Spotlight on Star Noir… hard-hitting detective work meets the X-Files

L.A. Noire meets X-Files… Star Noir is a 6-Part detective story following Homicide Detective Alan Miller and his grey alien partner Ellis Tate as they travel across 1940’s Los Angeles to find an elusive shapeshifter killing officers in Central Station. It’s inspired by the grit and tone of noir books like James Ellroy’s The Big Nowhere, has the snappy dialogue of Humphrey Bogart’s The Big Sleep, and depicts a stylized 1940’s Los […]

Kickstarter Spotlight on Dragon Girl/Albino Warrior #1, an “East meets West, martial arts fantasy”

Prophecy chooses its own path in Dragon Girl/Albino Warrior #1! (From creator & writer Michael Nunneley) Thank you for taking the time to check out my East meets West, martial arts-fantasy comic with superheroes and kaiju elements. What kaiju elements you ask? I will refer you to the giant, bleeding and electrified, blue heart in […]

Pullbox Previews: Concrete Arcanum- An Urban Fantasy Anthology coming soon to Kickstarter

Concrete Arcanum is here to answer the question, “What would happen if magic were to step out from the shadows?” The veil is lifted! The masquerade is undone! The mainstream mundane world has been made aware that magic is real, monsters exist, and all manner of mythological people still walk amongst us. Some rejoice at […]

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