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Pullbox Previews El Krudo #6- Behind enemy lines, the only out is through…

EL KRUDO #6 (issue 1 reviewed here) is an orangutan raised by the USMC who is dropped into the Vietnam War and gets stuck behind enemy lines.  It’s like Project X meets Apocalypse Now (errr, Ape-ocalypse Now).  El Krudo lands in the Vietnam Highlands, an area controlled by the ruthless Viet Cong warlord, Major Deng. […]

Pullbox Previews Astroic Initiative- A new group of young heroes, now live on Kickstarter

A team of 6 unlikely companions, granted cosmic powers, struggle under the weight of their power. Doubt, pride, fear and ego lead to factions within the 6 unwitting heroes that divide them.  All the while the responsibility such power requires slowly starts to ruin their lives. Can mere humans truly wield such god like power responsibly? […]

Pullbox Previews Inferno Girl Red returns with legendary heroics in Book 2,now live on Kickstarter!

Mat Groom and Erica D’Urso Return to Kickstarter for INFERNO GIRL RED: BOOKS 1 & 2 The Hit Graphic Novel Series From ULTRAMAN Comics Co-Writer Mat Groom and CAPTAIN MARVEL Artist Erica D’Urso Continues With More Superhero Drama, Teen Angst and Tokusatsu Action! (Press Release- August 29, 2023) In 2021, an explosively successful Kickstarter campaign […]

Pullbox Reviews Lost in Tarnation #1- A self-destructive journey across Texas starts here

A Southern boiled tragicomedy journey of the self-destruction of a man escaping his past in his trek across Texas. “I think you may just find what you’re looking for in Texas. A lot of us do.” – Nelson the Armadillo Peter is on a trip, and you can take that however you choose. The story […]

Kickstarter Spotlight on Stellarlands #1- Action, Adventure, & Intrigue on a galactic scale

Action, adventure and political intrigue collide in this epic saga spanning multiple worlds, interconnected stories and a host of memorable characters.  Invasion is imminent! Hostile forces have overtaken a remote moon and are in the midst of uncovering a secret base that holds the key to a delicate intergalactic alliance. It is up to the heroes […]

Back This: The Ultimate Game Master Screen

The Ultimate Game Master Screen Kickstarter is now LIVE Early bird deals are available for a limited time here:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ultimategamemaster/the-ultimate-game-master-screen From the creators: We’re VERY excited to welcome you to our Kickstarter for The Ultimate Game Master Screen. We (Forged Gaming & RealmSmith) have come together to create “The Ultimate Game Master” brand to build the VERY […]

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