Pullbox Previews Drumsticks of Doom, the collected, definitive edition, worthy of the Four Metal Kings

  • Co-created by Dan Dougherty and Jon Westhoff
  • Art- Dan Dougherty
  • Script/Letters- Jon Westhoff
  • Additional art-
    • Ryan Vella (issues 2,3)
    • Robert Hafferman
    • Steve Bryant

When Black Sabbath (not the Beatles) became the world’s most famous band, the universe was changed, musically and otherwise. Lost arts, like Alchemy, were made common, schools taught about transfiguration and alternate science, Demons were summoned and some stuck around.

Lana LOVES music. She has played in bands all through high school and now, in college, she still plays in her ex’s fledgling metal band. She’s finishing up the best practice yet when a magic pair of drumsticks draws them into a spiritual battle to keep metal on the top of the charts.

Issues 1-4 are a wild ride of Daywolves, Metal Cults and hybrid creatures presented in Trade Paperback for the first time in this campaign. We have BIG PLANS for future arcs and this TPB is a HUGE step towards the future for the series.

Drumsticks of Doom Trade Paperback, on Kickstarter NOW!

(Or if you’re a single-issue kind of person, you can get all four here)

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