Pullbox Previews The Collected Letters of Courier Z- A sci fi anthology, coming soon to Kickstarter

Courier Z lives in her ship, pushes post all day long, slaves away under a system that shows no mercy — and it’s never enough. No wonder she’s started taking off-the-books jobs from less than savoury private customers. A girl has to eat! And laws keep you poor!

She’s even reprogrammed her cute on-shop computer J.E.S.S. to bring maximum efficiency to her hectic schedule of legit deliveries and dodgy drop-offs — people’s birthday presents from their mum and the special pills for the after-party. But could Courier Z come to regret deactivating those morality locks for complete crime competence?

Sounds like she might.

The Collected Letters of Courier Z is a 52-page perfect bound collection from writer

Nick Bryan (Death of a Necromancer, StoneCop, FairyFare), and an expert delivery squad of interior artists: Jim Lavery (Dark Matter, Futurequake), Alex Moore (Death Drop: Drag Assassin), Giulia Lalli (Eight Limbs), Steve Gregson (BPM) and Gustaffo Vargas (Marvel’s Voices: X-Men), with character design and cover art by Lender Shell (Elias Ferguson).

Then stamped & franked by the expert warehouse crew of colourist A.H.G. (Broken Bear, Dark Blood), letterer/designer DC Hopkins (Nocterra, Justice League Infinity) and editor Claire Napier (Wild Nature).

As well as the complete Courier Z book in print and digital, other rewards include prints of both the cover by Lender Shell and a bonus image by Gustaffo Vargas and, of course, a sheet of stamps (which, in true Courier Z style, are just cool stickers and not valid postage stamps).

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