Pullbox Previews Pack – Let loose the Dogs… of Justice! Issues 1-4 now available through Kickstarter

Pack 1-4 Live NOW on Kickstarter!

Do you love dogs…and justice? Then it’s time to howl with Oneshi Press as they announce the launch of PACK issues #1-#4! The campaign will run from February 1-29 on Kickstarter, seeking to raise funds to print the fourth issue of this gritty limited comic book series about canine vigilantes.

In one changing Brooklyn neighborhood, violent crime spurred on by systemic injustice leaves people with nowhere to turn. Enter the PACK. These lawless vigilantes prowl the streets, delivering their own brand of justice to those who would harm the innocent. But can the PACK really be trusted? 

You be the judge.

Each full-color, 36-page issue of PACK explores the backstory of one member of the crime-fighting crew, while continuing the story of the neighborhood’s struggles. In the newest issue, PACK #4: Chastity, the pressure on the PACK is turned up as a police task force hits the street to put our heroes behind bars. Meanwhile, the neighborhood sides with the hero dogs, ramping up the tension between residents and authorities…just as readers learn the shocking secret behind what made Chastity the sweet-tempered the mastiff into the ticking time bomb of extreme violence she is today…

With gripping writing by award-winning author Lynsey G, gorgeously rendered pencils and colors by Jayel Draco, inks by Jeff Foulsham, flat colors by Ludwig Olimba, and letters by Nikki Powers, PACK #4: Chastity is set to be the hardest hitting issue yet!

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