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Pullbox Previews Boston Metaphysical Society, volume 1 in glorious steampunky hardcover, now on Kickstarter

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, writer/creator of the graphic novel series Boston Metaphysical Society announced the launch of her campaign to fund the printing of the first ever hardback edition of volume one. With extras like pin art, prototype steampunk weapons designs, and an exclusive ten page bonus story with art by MJ Erickson, the volume will come […]

Pullbox Previews Greener Pastures #8- A cult classic, making another run at the title via Kickstarter

CULT INDIE COMIC SERIES, GREENER PASTURES, RETURNS WITH AN ALL-STAR CREATIVE TEAM ON KICKSTARTER! Guests include Dave Sim, Ashley Wood, Nicola Scott, Jon Sommariva and more. February 8, 2024 – Just in time for its 30th anniversary, co-creator and artist Tim McEwen is bringing back the cult classic series, Greener Pastures, for an all-new star-studded […]

Pullbox Previews Pack – Let loose the Dogs… of Justice! Issues 1-4 now available through Kickstarter

Pack 1-4 Live NOW on Kickstarter! Do you love dogs…and justice? Then it’s time to howl with Oneshi Press as they announce the launch of PACK issues #1-#4! The campaign will run from February 1-29 on Kickstarter, seeking to raise funds to print the fourth issue of this gritty limited comic book series about canine […]

Pullbox Previews: The Wolf and the Crow, a prehistoric supernatural adventure, now on Kickstarter

The Lotari tribe struggle to survive in a prehistoric landscape, and just when things look like they can’t get any worse, a supernatural threat from their past returns looking for revenge.  If you enjoy Genny Tartakovsky’s Primal, this is going to be right up your alley! Or if you are like me and like great […]

Pullbox Previews Cthulhu is Hard to Spell, now live (& funded) on Backerkit

Female Led Publishing Company Takes Over Cthulhu Anthology for Backerkit Fundraiser New York, New York (Feb. 16th) USA Bestselling author, Russell Nohelty, first launched the comic book anthology, Cthulhu is Hard to Spell, in 2018 with the franchise raising over $100K on Kickstarter alone. The hook: the series showcases diverse voices exploring the popular gods and […]

Pullbox Kickstarter Hot List- Projects to look for at your local crowd-funding site

From Jim Simon, Jesse Simon, artist Reedman, Chris Compin, Jean-Marier Arnon, and Jean Deppelley, featuring covers by Steven Butler, Romeo Tanghal, and variant covers by Bob Layton, David Mack, Jesse Simon, and Joe Simon. The Simon Legacy Lives on with ShieldMaster 1 and 2. Classic Story and Art! Jess Stevens and his friends explore an […]

Pullbox Reviews Orphans of the Impact Winter- A high stakes story of survival, from the perspective of a boy & his dog

Orphans of the Impact Winter #1 Written by Lee Carlisle Illustrated by Ross Carlisle Colors by Marina Goncalves Orphans of the Impact Winter tells the tale of an imaginative young boy named Chuck and his loyal dog Addie as they struggle to survive in a world where the moon is falling out of the sky. […]

Pullbox Kickstarter Spotlight: Luminology, The Mark of the Soul (book 1)

Luminology: The Mark of the Soul, Book One Created & written by Curt Kasady Created & Illustrated by Punchie Aurora Lee is a small-time private investigator itching for a big case. When her father’s death is deemed suspect and support for a fascist politician peaks, the mystical power of luminology leads our heroine to uncover the darkly exploitative nature of love […]

Kickstarter Spotlight on Immortalis- Historical Fantasy set in the fall of Constaninople (campaign’s final stretch!)

Wingless Comics Launches Historical Fantasy Comic – Immortalis What would you sacrifice to live forever? Immortalis is a historical fantasy story set during the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Atlanta, Georgia, 8/26/2022 – Wingless Comics returns to Kickstarter with its latest offering, Immortalis Part 1. Described as a historical fantasy comic series, Immortalis tells of […]

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