Kickstarter Spotlight on Beowulf, issues 1-4 are available now!

Beowulf- an adventure spanning centuries!

The dragon slayer from myth, reincarnated as a 30-something slacker. His sidekicks are a magic cat and a thirteen-year old girl.

Hazel, a pre-teen girl living in suburbia, is having a typical, boring evening when she’s startled by the premonition of a dragon awakening from a centuries long nap. As surprised as she is by the vision, she’s absolutely shocked when her cat, Mooney, opens his mouth and tells her that he too had the same premonition. Mooney knows of only one man brave and mighty enough to go toe to toe with a dragon, the mighty warrior, Beowulf. Unfortunately, he’s been reincarnated as this guy…

Victor’s an unemployed millennial slacker who can’t even get his life together much less slay a dragon. Mooney brings Hazel and Victor back to his base, where he puts Victor in a trance so he can see how his ancestor defeated a dragon.

In the vision, Victor sees that his ancestor swallowed dragon blood, which gives him the powers of a dragon. Mooney sets about showing him how to use his new powers… 

Hijinks ensue… Check out the Kickstarter campaign, in progress, for more!

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