Pullbox Kickstarter Spotlight: Luminology, The Mark of the Soul (book 1)

Luminology: The Mark of the Soul, Book One

  • Created & written by Curt Kasady
  • Created & Illustrated by Punchie

Aurora Lee is a small-time private investigator itching for a big case. When her father’s death is deemed suspect and support for a fascist politician peaks, the mystical power of luminology leads our heroine to uncover the darkly exploitative nature of love and fear in Calonia.

Part crime-fantasy and part Trump era satire, LUMINOLOGY: THE MARK OF THE SOUL is a three book epic exploring themes of isolation, discrimination and obsession over 92-pages of beautiful artwork and intricate story-weaving, all against the backdrop of a mysterious double murder, mounting racial tensions and a polarising electoral race.

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