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From Jim Simon, Jesse Simon, artist Reedman, Chris Compin, Jean-Marier Arnon, and Jean Deppelley, featuring covers by Steven Butler, Romeo Tanghal, and variant covers by Bob Layton, David Mack, Jesse Simon, and Joe Simon.

The Simon Legacy Lives on with ShieldMaster 1 and 2. Classic Story and Art!

Jess Stevens and his friends explore an abandoned U.S. military base on Montauk, just off the eastern end of Long Island. The group wanders onto the decommissioned military base and are soon drawn to mysterious shield-like alien objects hidden in one of the base’s underground tunnels. The strange objects transform the four friends into incarnations of powerful warriors that once protected another world in another dimension, with Jess taking on the leading role of ShieldMaster. And just in time, as all hell breaks loose on Earth, ANNIHILATRON, the powerful tyrant of Shield World, considers adding our planet to his list of possessions…

A domestic love story about a badger and a vole living in Orkney with their cats, dogs, and sheep. And a lot of rain.

A Stormy Day with Badger & Vole is set during the dark depths of an Orcadian winter, on a day where the rain comes horizontally and it’s much better to stay indoors and get cozy by the fire. Broken Frontier described Badger & Vole as a “domestic love story,” and this story continues very much in that manner, with the two strange fellows carrying on with their quiet and peaceful life, showing their love in so many small ways. Like the other Badger stories, there’s no text and no dialogue, just quietly spending time with two characters who live in their island home.

A fantasy-noir comic featuring a grimdark anti-hero who must solve a terrifying mystery in a brutal world full of myths and magic.

The Crimson Tower plunges us into a harrowing mystery in a dark fantasy world full of myths, magic and monsters, drawing inspiration from classic pulp fantasy tales and modern fantasy animation such as Samurai Jack and PRIMAL. Our lead character, Graven, is a noir detective anti-hero, more monster than man. His sole companion is Daegunn, an enigmatic wise-cracking spirit creature (Kami) who owes Graven a life debt. Graven and Daegunn make their living slaying all manner of deviant gods, demons and worse. But something far darker haunts Graven.

The next installment in the pulp/sci-fi series set in prohibition St. Louis. Gangsters, aliens, and a talking bear!

Gateway is straight out of the pulp tradition, with wisecracks, tough guys, tougher women, and a talking bear. There’s something for everyone within its booze-washed streets…but as international treasure Levar Burton says, “you don’t have to take my word for it.” 

“Smart storytelling, thoughtful design, great looking characters and world building, and one hell of a story full of kinetic energy…” 

—Laurence Campbell (B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth; Punisher MAX) 

“A little Alex Toth, a little Dick Tracy, a ton of fun!” 

—Karl Kesel (The Adventures of Superman; Harley Quinn)

A deadbeat dad meets his now dead son in this new comic.

After death, a young man is doomed to work in the Netherworld post office under the tutelage of the post office manager, who just so happens to be the father he never knew on Earth. Junior is a limited comic book series that deeply explores the loss of my father to suicide when I was a year and a half old… set in a kooky Beetlejuice-esque afterlife.

The deluxe collection of five Godzilla and Kong original graphic novels and an all new story featuring the King of the Monsters!

The Monsterverse Omnibus features an all-new, never published story, “Call to Action,” from writer Brian Buccellato with illustrations by Zid, with a Kickstarter-exclusive cover and a deluxe Kickstarter-exclusive slipcase which WILL NOT be available in retail. The Monsterverse Omnibus Collection is an oversized, 7″x11″ graphic novel featuring approximately 500 pages of content.

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