Indie Comic Spotlight on Bro-D Can’t Be Broken, a Shonen-inspired action one-shot

In the year 2095, humanity is on the right track to recover from catastrophic climate change and to begin a new era of advancement. People from every background intermingle in clean megacities across the globe, and a commitment to tolerance marks their developing international society.

But a group of beings called Deyws, who claim to be Earth’s ancient gods, are harassing the human cities, hoping to terrorize humanity back into submission.

The only person who can stand in their way is Bro-D, a genetically-modified teen who was altered and trained to save lives in the face of a mass crisis. Practically invulnerable, Bro-D will engage the Deyws’ champion, Bregghammer, in a running battle of fists, weapons, and will, an immovable teen vs an unstoppable godling, in a gambit to allow the megacity’s citizens to evacuate.

But on the day where his abilities matter most, Bro-D will finally discover the truth behind his powers, and the one thing that can bring him down for good.

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