Pullbox Previews The Ultimate Crusaders, a sci-fi adventure inspired by cartoons & comics of the early 2000s, now on Kickstarter

Inspired by 2000s era cartoons and comics, THE ULTIMATE CRUSADERS follows the struggles of Orion, Claire, and their alien companion Kulian, as they attempt to survive in war-torn galaxy.

Three years ago, an astronaut known as Jarrius Williams was selected to lead a spacecraft expedition to Mars and conduct a secret experiment for the U.S. Government. However, once the spacecraft left the atmosphere, it mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

In the present day, Orion Williams, Jarrius’ son and young prodigy, has become obsessed with figuring out what happened to him, distancing himself from everyone and spending his days tinkering in his workshop. He, alongside his tech-savvy friend Claire Rosemary, have attempted to conduct a makeshift mechanical suit capable of traversing across space to search for answers, but to seemingly no avail.

In the midst of their constant failures, however, Orion seemingly finds his answer after an escape pod crashes onto Earth’s surface, revealing a powerful extraterrestrial device inside. Soon after this discovery, they are relentlessly hunted down by a malevolent alien race known as The Blackened, who have laid waste to countless planets and seek to reclaim their most valued weapon!

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