Pullbox Previews Riot Force: Tools of the Rich, all of the 80s we loved, wrapped up in one cool-looking comic

Austin McKinley’s 300 page creator-owned graphic novel “RIOT Force: Tools of the Rich,” is live on Kickstarter now – https://www.riotforcecomic.com

RIOT Force: Tools of the Rich tells the story of a wisecracking law enforcement team who have to fight an escaped ecoterrorist with a mysterious personal grudge against their leader while thwarting the plans of a corporate crime boss who’s out replace them with his own cybernetic crime fighting creations and trying to stop a nuclear weapon from blowing-up the whole city… all while not killing each other in the process!

RIOT Force: Tools of the Rich is a colorful, exciting adventure story about a group of maverick supercops who have to fight an escaped ecoterrorist who has a mysterious grudge against their leader, and maybe a nuclear weapon. 

RIOT Force is based on the comic McKinley created in 1986 when he was nine years old, but reimagined for a current audience. 

“It both embodies and subverts the action/ comedy the tropes that made 80s comics, cartoons and movies so memorable and fun to revisit,” McKinley says. “It also explores deeper themes of loyalty, loss, and finding one’s place in the world. My goal is to give anyone with a 13 year old sensibility an incredibly entertaining reading experience.” 

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Updated: June 22, 2024 — 3:40 pm

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