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Pullbox Reviews Modern Testament #1- An anthology of Biblical proportions

MODERN TESTAMENT – Anthology of the Ethereal Insane Comics Story – Frank Martin “Fallen Angel” Pencils – Federico Zumel Inks – Jeff Coney Colors – Jay Moyano “The Bad Guy” Art – Branco Jovanovic Colors – Eugene Betivu “Feast or Famine” Art – Tomasz Witas Colors – Sara Machajewski Issues 1 – 3 available now! […]

Pullbox Reviews: They Came From Planet Earth #1 – Creepifying Sci Fi/Horror

They Came From Planet Earth #1 Insane Comics Written & Lettered by Dave Scacchi Art and Colors by Gary Welsh Available now! “They said they came in peace. But, the lie was just their first mistake. The human invaders that attacked our ancestors brought nothing but death and destruction. The knowledge and technology they left […]

Pullbox Reviews: Whatever Happened to the Archetype #1- Were the “good ole’ days” really so great?

Whatever Happened to the Archetype #1 (of 4) Insane Comics Written by Stu Perrins Art by Ron Gravelle Color Cover by Shaun Dobie All four issues available now! ‘Whatever happened to The Archetype?’ is a four part superhero/ sci-fi ‘epic’ that tries to answer the question – What happens when caped avengers get old and […]

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