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Pullbox Kickstarter Spotlight on Decades- Remastered by David Taylor, a fellow who knows noir

DECADES 5th ANNIVERSARY edition is live on Kickstarter on August 6th, 2022, updating the cult killer thriller for its third printing, with refreshed art and a bold remix of the original story.  In the dark woods outside Massachusetts, Detective James Macleod finally catches The Huntsman, but not before a disastrous, bloody arrest forces him out […]

Pullbox Reviews: Bear Skin, one axe swing away from horrific perfection…

Bear Skin Bad Bug Publishing Created & written by Jason Pell Art by Jok Edited by John MacLeod A delusional man in a bear suit is killing the townsfolk, believing they are monsters in disguise. But when REAL monsters start showing up, the people of Grantsville have no choice but to turn to the murderous […]

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