Pullbox Kickstarter Spotlight on Decades- Remastered by David Taylor, a fellow who knows noir

DECADES 5th ANNIVERSARY edition is live on Kickstarter on August 6th, 2022, updating the cult killer thriller for its third printing, with refreshed art and a bold remix of the original story. 

In the dark woods outside Massachusetts, Detective James Macleod finally catches The Huntsman, but not before a disastrous, bloody arrest forces him out of life as a cop – before he can find how many victims the killer had really claimed.

Ten years later, as controversy builds around the case once more, two FBI agents give Macleod a chance to get the truth. And with the truth comes a chain reaction of emotional and physical violence that will change everyone involved.

DECADES is a 160-page noir serial killer thriller in gritty black and white. This dark, brooding book was Scottish cartoonist, David Taylor’s first graphic novel, and set the path to Kickstarter favourites including Wild Nature, The Grave and HER, the latter of which is being adapted into a feature film. 

It speaks to the storytelling tradition of crime movies like Se7en and The Silence of the Lambs, the recent boom in true crime documentaries on streaming platforms, and great comics like Criminal, Torso and Monsters. 

With months of research, it’s an brutal, authentic look at the aftermath of a major crime and what it does to the survivors. If you like thoughtful, emotional and thrilling stories, DECADES will hit all the right targets. 

The remaster is, according to David, “the chance to come full circle on my comics work so far. DECADES is so important to my development, but it never got the same opportunity to find its unique audience on Kickstarter. 

“Despite that, it’s done well at conventions and is unique in my work so far. I’ve loved remastering it and honing in on the bruised heart of the story, so it’s more powerful and feels fresh for new readers.”

The DECADES Kickstarter starts on Saturday 6 Aug and finishes on Wednesday 31 August. Available during the campaign will be:

  • DECADES in a special hardback format with extensive “making of” content
  • Digital versions of all print rewards
  • An exclusive print
  • All of David’s books so far
  • Commissioned art and smaller, postcard-size sketches
  • The last chance to get the original print copies of DECADES

“DECADES was my first shot at making the sorts of stories I want to read,” David says. “You can see the things I do now starting to take shape. What I’m most proud of though is how unique it is – I was working on instinct, trying to figure things out, and getting things right and wrong. The remaster doesn’t smooth away all the edges, it amplifies the emotional weight of the story and makes it easier than ever to enjoy.”

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