Pullbox Previews The Denim Devil #4- The Violence & Viscera-Filled Saga Continues…

  • The Denim Devil #4
  • November Street Press
  • Written by Aach Carter & Jared Yanez
  • Illustrated by Jared Yanez
  • Available now

A while back, we reviewed the insane & over-the-top splatterfest that is The Denim Devil #1. Here’s a press release for 4th installment, still going strong & just as gory…

Violent Visions and Viscera Abound in “The Denim Devil #4”

A rain of gore kicks off The Denim Devil #4, the blood-soaked penultimate chapter of the slasher murder mystery from writer Zach Carter and writer/artist Jared Yanez. Arriving February 14 from November Street Press, the horror-comedy draws its cast of characters together in the lead-up to its spine-tingling conclusion.

Detective Rivers and Dusty DeEdith finally have the Denim Devil in their sights, until an over-eager trigger finger, and gruesomely bad luck, paints the three with the viscera of the latest murder victim.

Suffice it to say: not a great look.

The three scatter and each find themselves confronted by revelations both personal and horrific, all leading them back to where the nightmare all began: the Vangler Denim Factory…

The 22-page issue is suggested for mature readers and includes two pages of bonus content expanding the seedy lore of Vanglerton.

The digital edition of The Denim Devil #4 will be available on Amazon and at November Street Press (https://novemberstreet.com). A limited run of 100 hand-numbered print copies is available on The November Street Press Etsy shop (https://www.etsy.com/shop/NovemberStreetPress).

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